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First Quilt Market

posted Nov 4, 2011, 2:27 PM by Kimberly Purdy
I must admit, I was a bit star struck during Quilt Market.  All of a sudden I'm face to face with so many of the names that are so famous in the quilting world!  My market experience started when I got off the plane in Houston.  I met Valerie who invited me to share their ride to the hotel (we were both staying at the Hyatt Regency).  Valerie was wonderful and charming, and we went to meet her business partner and best friend Linda Taylor!  So, I got a ride to my hotel with a TV star of the quilting world!  Thanks again to both Valerie and Linda!
While at market, I went on to see many other familiar faces, Nancy Ziemann, Ricky Tims, Marianne Fons, Amy Butler, Patrick Lose, Margaret Miller and more.  There were so many wonderful people there and everyone was so helpful and supportive to a new designer, it made the experience one to remember.

As far as market itself, it's overwhelming!  When you first get there and see the endless aisles of booth after booth, it's a little b it daunting.  So much to see and take in.  There were so many wonderful displays; from traditional quilt patterns and fabrics, to whimsical, to contemporary.  Something for every taste.  There are tools, and fabrics, new machines and patterns to see, so many people and things, vying for the attention of the prospective shop owners.  Luckily I was able to sneak in between the shop owners and get business cards and make contacts for my business, so hopefully in 2012 everyone will get to see Lilac Cottage Designs in their local quilt shop as well!  

Overall though, market was a blast.  It was so energizing to be among such creative and inspiring people who love quilting and sewing.  I'm so glad I went, and I can't wait to go again in Spring!

Marianne and I at the Love of Quilting booth