Konstantin K. Likharev

Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Essential Graduate Physics

Lecture Notes and Problems


Beta edition

    - first released: February 15, 2014

    - periodically updated for problem addition and typo correction

    - last updated: August 17, 2016

EGP is a series of lecture notes and problems (with model solutions available upon request), consisting of the following 4 parts:

    CM: Classical Mechanics (for a 1-semester course)
    EM: Classical Electrodynamics (2 semesters)
    QM: Quantum Mechanics (2 semesters)
    SM: Statistical Mechanics (1 semester)

By clicking headings on the left, you may access either separate chapter files (optimized for 2-page viewing), or merged files for each part of the series, or the merged file of the series as a whole, including the front matter, appendices, and references (convenient for search purposes)

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