Venturing through a gallery without seeing a smartphone is now the exception. From camera phones to pocket cameras, technology has become an extension of our five senses. We rely on phones to remember for us; help recall an exact image or moment. We instantaneously consume and distribute information via Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Rather than argue against the presence of technology in the gallery; this exhibition proposes to perpetuate it. Let the experiment be the presence of technology. Take the picture; tweet your idea; “like” the exhibition.

Advancing technology has created the means not only for new types of art, but more importantly new ways to access art. Everyone can have a personally curated art selection delivered directly to their inbox. Own a piece of Damien Hirst; make Miro your screensaver; create your own beat box video. The boundaries between the artist, the consumer, and the curator have officially been blurred.

There is a common idea in how 17 of the artists were selected for this exhibition, via online searches, Facebook pages, and gallery websites. Every single artist has an online presence. Every single artist has the capacity to “go viral” if their work hits just the right nerve.

In an effort to honor the interactive nature of social media, we want to hear from you! If you're in the gallery or just cruising around the internet, leave us comments at the bottom of any page artists page or send the curators some love on the Curator's page!