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Zac Willis


Collection: Cruise
digital prints
30" x 40"

Artists Bio:

Zac Willis’s work is autobiographical in excess, particularly in documentation.  He has an obsession with collecting personal objects, ideas, and experiences—their physical display is not only a showcase of his identity, but also of the surfeit nature of American capitalist culture and its effect on his identity as a member of the art community and as an individual.

In past works, he has collected personal effects such as nail clippings and belly button lint, exhibiting them in shadow boxes that reference more typical forms of collection display, such as butterflies. Continuing to document his life to the most banal of details, other subsequent works include a step-by-step photo installation of the route from his home to his studio, and a representation of week’s worth of salary in lottery scratch off tickets, where he meticulously documented the process of buying each ticket, scratching them gently with a coin, and collecting the winnings.

His recent photographic exploration concentrates on seemingly mundane consumerist American pop culture experiences that are easily accessible to all. He explores the increasingly common desire in our society to document and “collect” practically every experience in our lives, focusing especially on those that tend to elicit a pre-set, expected image in documentation. In other words, his recent work explores the emotions and reactions the subject is expected to portray in situations like this.

Willis is based in Washington D.C., having obtained his MFA from American University in 2009. He has exhibited his work in a number of shows in the D.C. area and New York City.

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