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Senior Seminar Students

Antonio Forte:
Antonio's Artists Blog

Amanda Silva:

Statement: I am intrigued by myself- my hair, my identity, my background, my complex duality, my thought process. Yes it sounds vain, but if you're not interested in yourself than how interesting can life really be? Other things that interest me are FOOD, dreams, international development, the homeless, the elderly, crimes against humanity, immigration reform, my family, first generation American lifestyles, sound and lighting production, event planning, public speaking, children, interracial relationships, languages, first impressions, and more that doesn't come to mind right this instant
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Riley Spencer:

Statement: Currently my sketchbook is filled with altered photographs. This was the path I thought I wanted to take. Physically altering the image in the “photoshop” world we live is was something that really interested me. The more I altered these pictures that more I realized that I was helping myself “see” physical connections in my images and real world. Ultimately I think the connections, which I made, are something that I want people to find for themselves. As of now I’m sure I can entirely define what I mean by “connections” but I’m hoping I will be able to more clearly state my intentions during the creation of my final pieces. I haven’t yet figured out how/ if I want to incorporate what I am doing in my sketchbook in my final pieces.
Riley's Artist Blog

Evan Fowler

Statement: I love humans and the way that instead of being perfect, they are perfectly themselves–full of potential and full of faults. I love the color and cultures of Africa, the warmth and clarity of the equatorial sun, and the way I feel both in-focus and insignificant under its rays. I love the endless things you can learn from reading–about science and society and relationships and life. Mostly, though, I love sitting with one person and listening to them tell me their story. How do people touch each other’s lives? How does the expanding the scope of our world affect who and what we think about? Can someone’s story be as effectively told in a voice that is not their own?
Evan's Artists Blog

Amy Lokoff:
Statement: My artwork has never had much consistency in subject matter or style, yet over the last year I find it has moved increasingly away from concrete imagery. My interests as of late lie mainly in two areas: metacognition and memory. When thinking about thinking I am compelled by how our most intimate and private thoughts can be so universal, as demonstrated through literature, film, and the wide of world of the internet. I am interested in the fluidity of movement between our thoughts and the disparity between what we think and what we do; more specifically, in the contradictions in speed, action, and reaction between the mind and body.

Currently I find that I have many questions and problems to pose and little direction in finding solutions. I feel like I am on the brink of understanding which direction to take. For me, so much of art is about introspection and curiosity. I am searching for a method to explore abstract ideas while still remaining accessible and revealing an inter-connectivity to viewer.
Amy's Artists Blog

Hannah O'Brien:

Statement: As a Law and Society major, I am very interested in law, and the legal system, as well as crime, and prisons, and the role of judges. What interests me most is theories on why individuals commit crime, and what those theories then suggest as remedies to the crime problem. I am also interested in education reform, and community organizations that work to environments that foster children’s success. Related to these interests, I am interested in how our government, with all its checks and balances helps and hinders policies that advocate actual, and long-term change in American institutions. Unrelated to the above interests, I am interested in animals, specifically ocean life, sharks, and dogs.

When thinking about my these concepts, the questions they raise for me are, why do people commit crime? What are we going to do about it? What is the best way to help children grow up to be successful? Why does our government spend its money on easy fixes, like pumping money into  prisons, and not on proactive programs that would work to keep people from going to prison in the first place? How much discretion should the judicial system, specifically judges have? Is our system of government as good as it gets, or are there ways to make it better? How cool would it be to be a shark?
Hannah's Artists Blog

Daniella Napolitano:
Statement: Both of my parents work in medicine so I’ve been around science and medical textbooks as long as I can remember. My interest in nature started at an early age when I habitually watched Animal Planet and nature documentaries. Everything about the natural world fascinates me from cute animals to more morbid subjects. I’m also really fascinated in how people interact with and think they interact with “nature” in general.

Has civilization expanded to the point where it is impossible to go back to a “pure natural state?”
We’ve created a complex urban ecosystem, so why do people believe that the nearest they will get to nature is a zoo? If humans are mammals than why do we see ourselves outside of the animal kingdom? How do people fit into the “natural order of things?”

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