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Seth Goodman

My work examines cultural expressions of identity as it relates to American social class. The painted imagery is meant to test the viewer’s assumptions and tolerance towards particular lifestyle choices and interests that are both commonplace and objectionable by carving into the lowest socioeconomic rungs to mine for imagery and attitude. Extreme bodily references are meant to both link the viewer to the protagonist or theme of the painting all the while creating a challenging dynamic that perhaps creates tension that rests inside of the cultural thirsting for sex and violence.

The general folly and predicaments of the painted characters are often birthed from motifs and sayings printed on novelty or lowbrow tee shirts. The quips then explode to take over the character’s space asking one to more deeply consider the meaning of the text that loudly projects, full-frontal, to all passers-by.

However repulsive or depressing it may be, everything depicted in the work exists in some form in our cultural sphere. Ultimately, the paintings are asking the viewer how they relate to these truths and what it means if they must turn away. Part social critique and part self-reflection, the paintings are a platform for me to better understand where I fit in as an American as well question to what extent my socioeconomic roots shape my identity