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Laurel Lukaszewski

Artist's Bio:
Laurel Lukaszewski is a DC-area based artist who creates installations and sculptures primarily from clay—usually porcelain or stoneware.  Her work focuses on line and form, creating three-dimensional drawings that examine rhythm, pattern, light and shadow.  Much of her work draws on her experiences living in and working with Japan over the past two decades.  Her work has been exhibited throughout the US, including solo exhibitions in Washington, DC, Arlington, VA, Norfolk, VA, Tulsa, OK and St. Louis, MO.  Her most recent solo exhibition was held this spring at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts outside of Seattle.  She is a founding member of Flux Studios in Mt. Rainier, MD and has served on the Washington Project for the Arts Artist Council and the boards of the Washington Sculptors Group and the National Cherry Blossom Festival.


2011 Laurel Lukaszewski, The Art Registry Gallery @ Todd Christofaro, Washington, DC, December - January 2012
2011 Pause, ArtGallery, Norfolk, VA, March - May
2009 Once, Project 4 Gallery, Washington, DC, November - December
2009 Solo Exhibition & ARTworks Residency, Holland Hall, Tulsa, OK, October - November
2009 Capturing Lines, Lee Arts Center, Arlington, VA, July - August
2008 Mutable/Mutability, Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO, February - March
2007 Kaminari, Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA, October - November
2006 Kuroi Shiroi, Project 4 Gallery, Washington, DC, June - July