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Conor McGrann


Conor McGrann received his B.F.A. in Printmaking from Syracuse University in 2009.  At Syracuse University he participated in the Graphic Arts League, an organization of printmaking students who presented demos of different print processes in many events at the university.  The program also funded visiting artists for demos, to lecture, and critique students’ work.  McGrann works in multi-media including printmaking, drawing, and installation pieces, mainly working monochromatically.  His pieces emphasize the formal qualities in his compositions, focusing on the linearity of the works.  His installation pieces draw the viewer in, so the work directly interacts and shares the space with the viewers.  He has traveled to Vienna, London, Prague, and Berlin taking influences from each of the cities.  McGrann has collaborated with artists like Dusty Herbig a Professor at Syracuse University, Teréz Lacovino, and Alicia Giuliani.  He resides and works in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.




Conor McGrann works in multi-media, which includes printmaking, drawing, and installation pieces.  His work emphasizes an interest in the urban space.  In many of his prints the artist adapts elements of a cityscape as means of investigating different compositional qualities as well as the linear relationships within the work.  I chose Conor because I really enjoyed his interest in compositional elements within his work. From the first time I saw his work a few years ago of a charcoal drawing on paper depicting a cropped birds eye perspective of a monumental Jenga construction I was intrigued.  What I enjoyed from his first drawing was its strong linearity and overall emphasis on the slightly abstracted composition.  With McGrann’s work I hope to explore how the artist presented the urban space through his interest in formal artistic elements. 

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Courtesy of @LaraKlein
Connor at the LCS Opening April 28th, 2012
Photo courtesy of Lara Klein