The FINISHED Doctoral Thesis project

Liisa Kuparinen, personal home page (in Finnish)
PhD, M.Sc.(Econ.)
UX Designer, UX researcher, usability specialist

liisa.kuparinen at iki . fi
Jyväskylä, Finland
+358 (0)44 373 7425

Page content hasn't been updated since 2015 (except contact information and education - which has been PhD since 11/2016)

Research interests:

  • mobile maps
  • location based services (LBS)
  • spatial cognition, cognitive maps
  • support for user's self-locating and orientation in map services
  • merging multimodal elements to mobile maps
  • impact of personally important content for the navigation user experience
  • augmented reality (AR) in mobile maps
  • implementing the research methods of mobile maps


  • To develop cognitively relevant guidelines for improving the user experience of mobile map services
  • To define the main components of the map services to support the user in the perception of space
  • To develop the user-centered research methods of the map services
    • e.g. improving the usability heuristics and adapting eye-tracking techniques for map services
  • -> To be able to define the essential design guidelines also for the innovative map-related services of the future


  • Evaluating the current map services
  • Testing new design solutions
  • Testing the current user-centered research methods, defining the deficiencies of them and iteratively implementing improvements to match the needs better
  • Defining the user's navigation strategies by user field tests
--> Applying gathered information from the empirical research and from the current theories to define the strong design solutions and usability requirements for the mobile map services


  • usability testing with users
  • expert evaluation
  • eye-tracking
  • heuristic usability evaluation
  • service prototyping and iterative development
  • interviews and surveys


  • Graduate School in User-Centered Information Technology UCIT 2010-2013
  • The Nokia Foundation scholarship 2010, 2013
  • Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Jyväskylä 4-12/2009, 1-6/2014, 5-7/2016 (partly external funding)
  • Department of Computer Science and Information Systems and Agora Center, University of Jyväskylä: projects Theseus (5-9/08), Connet (3/08-3/09) and INTO (10/08-3/09) 3/2008-3/2009

Research diary

  • Happy Usability Day, World! The World Usability Day ( is again today. SIGCHI Finland has organized this year's WUD-seminar ( in Tampere. The theme is same as ...
    Posted Nov 8, 2012, 3:59 AM by Liisa Kuparinen
  • Paikkatietomarkkinat 2012 Yesterday I participated Paikkatietomarkkinat (LBS event) in Helsinki. I'll try to write about that later - because now I'm already in Tampere and listening SIGCHI Finland's WUD event ...
    Posted Nov 8, 2012, 2:17 AM by Liisa Kuparinen
  • Maps4Finland workshop Today in Helsinki participating the Maps4Finland workshop of Apps4Finland ("doing good with open data" as their slogan). At first Olli Rinne is telling us about his project --- And ...
    Posted Aug 28, 2012, 6:50 AM by Liisa Kuparinen
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