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If you want to learn, stick about
Boffing: A safe way to practise full contact weapons training for kids, and, even for adults who don't want to be encumbered with expense shielding equipment that detracts from the realism of the training.

A more natural and flowing form of Ju Jutsu and self-defense
Outdoor training helps us keep a fresh perspective on our skills and training.

Got the jitters, get down on the jetties
Training on the jetties makes for a fun way to test your stance and balance skills. It's also good for cooling off after training ;-) 

Extend and know your limits
Unless your hands are tied-up, we do not normally recommend high-flying kicks in real life. They are however, always good for developing speed, power and balance, and, for practising defense against them. It is also essential to know and constantly strive to extend your limits. We never know when it might come in useful.

Falling about, but never down and out
Falling about is OK, but never down and out. We need to learn how to fall for both training and self-defence (preservation) purposes, though it is better to stay on your feet if you can.
As the saying goes, the true measure of a human, is not whether they fall or not, but how they fall and how many times they get back up again. So Try, Cry, Try & Cry again!

How high can you jump?
Jump, duck, dive, avoid, evade, dodge, bob & weave - whatever works goes, but, always train for best-use and most appropriate response. Efficiency is a force multiplier for effectiveness. SImple does not always mean effective, merely simplistic and therefore a false economy.

Self-defense, personal security and risk management is...

So-called combat oriented systems, like most people, practise their 101 favourite (basic) combat techniques. Most teachers teach a style. Fewer still teach 'Martial Arts'. Lii-Kan Jitsu aspires to teach self-defense, personal security and risk management in its fullest sense in tune with reality.

The Grinder - Kickboxercise with a vengeance!
The Grinder - Kickboxercise with a vengeance! Offensive defence and situational awareness are the hallmarks of this type of training. And, that's just the Yang (external) aspect. The padmen are actually the senior partners in the exercise, never be a bunch of passive Crash Test Dummies, they need to practise the Yin (Internal) aspects by return. 

Unsighted perhaps, but never senseless
Sensitivity and touchy-feely training is great for expanding your conscious perception and, 'bonding' with your fellow students.

Origins and Evolution
Origins and lineage of a style boost sales through confidence building, but the mark of a good and true martial arts system or school is apparent only in its continued evolution. All styles and schools expand or shrink, live and die with the people that practise them. Plus a little help from the now eternal internet! ;-) 

Vote with your feet!
Whether you put the boot in, step out of the room or, jump off the bandwagon - Vote with your feet! And join the Lii-Kan Jitsu Club ;-)

Fiendish Finglish Fun for all the Family

Training with kids can be great fun and a challenge. For kids, it also helps them concentrate and aspire to something bigger, if not necessarily greater.

Have you got the bottle?
In standard training, plastic bottles are used for safety, but the sticks are real. Training necessarily incorporates some risk in order to reflect true combat conditions and condition ourselves for it. For continuous training purposes, this is of course mitigated by the skill and control expected from our students.

Don't just jump in, get thrown in!
Training down by the lakeside provides added incentive for participating in our Acqua-Training programme, or at least learning to swim!

Rockface Running, Parkour and more...
You never know when you might need to take a short-cut or, make use of the advantage of elavation.

Hang Around
The legendary unbendable arm skill is the base of spring hand strikes and power of arm (not the muscle) through correct structure and breathing techniques. It also boosts confidence and looks really cool in demos.

Liikan Jitsu is...
From Break-falling to Break-Dancing and, from Parkour to Jiu JItsu, its all in the name.

The Leap of Faith
Taking a Leap of Faith is all part of the training and our Risk Analysis and Fear Management conditioning. Success breeds success, so increase the gap in small but, increasing increments. Mind the Gap!

Collaborative Learning and Competition

The key safe, realistic and effective training is... Collaborative Learning and Friendly Competition. The state of mind it embraces also helps with fear and situation management. 

Whole Body, Mind and Spirit Learning
From Whole Body to Whole Mind and Spiritual Learning, there is nothing to beat genuine martial arts training.

Strike the Pose
Age is but a number. It's your attitude that counts.

One size does not fit all!
One size does not fit all!  Traditional martial arts were created for adults in a by-gone age. Modern schools, such as Lii-Kan Jitsu, have training programmes adapted for
 junior groups.

Get off your sofa!
Have you got kids? Lead by example - Get Off your Sofa!

What options do you have?
What options do you have?

Let you hair down!

Once upon a time... Now he has to use a wig! 
So, just do it, join us, whilst you still got all your own hair ;-)