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This site is for those interested in learning more about Shorinjitsu, Kyusho and other side arts that make up the Lii-Kan Jitsu personal security and risk management system of techniques and training for self-defence, health & fitness. In these pages, you will find information both in English and in Finnish (suomeksi) via sub-pages (alasivujalla)

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Lii-kan Jitsu Club Ry
Tietoja suomeksi
Lii-Kan Jitsu Seura on FinnBritt club - Tietoja suomeksi
The local club (in Finland) is registered in Vantaa as Liikan Jitsu Club Ry (1996, previously as Oak Jitsu Club) and in Espoo as the Liikan Jitsu Club, Espoo Ry (2018). Our club is located in Northern (Pohjois) Espoo, part of the Greater Helsinki area of Finland. 

We have a couple of regular training sessions per week, for both juniors (kids) and seniors (adults). We practice Lii-Kan Jitsu which, is supplemented by various excursions to pursue supporting side arts, and of course, social events. 

Lii-Kan Jitsu does not use Kata, but, instead focuses on clear applications and the best usage of techniques in respect to both the situation and the targeting of vital points (Kusho) on the body. This helps to eliminate much of the confusion and time wastage suffered by many Kata based systems in just trying to remember the Kata and decode the true their meaning that has often been lost in time, translation and transmission. Instead, training is conducted in a workshop format and includes:

Technical Training

  • Break-falling, ground holds, throws, kicks, punches, unarmed defence against weapons, use of weapons training, Kyusho (nerve point methods for martial arts & health), Meditation &  Bio-Energy Training (Chi Kung), NLP, Parkour (Fitness and mobility training), Criminology, Security, Conflict Intervention and Risk Management.
Skills Training
  • Judo style wrestling, kick-boxing/kick-boxercise, stress management training, scenario training, various skill drills & pattern training, pre-set and traditional sparring, Chi Sau, Chi Kung & meditation, Parkour and fitness training/conditioning, Embus (demo training), out-door training (summer time ;-), socialising (Discussion forums, live chat/restaurants), reading and watching eTutorial videos etc.  

Lii-Kan Jitsu, 21 Years in Finland

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This wide variety of technical and skills training keeps our programme fresh and comprehensive, whilst giving us a 'comparative advantage' against antagonists that are usually bigger and stronger than we are. The full techniques are often too dangerous for sporting competitions so, training is a co-operative and collaborative effort that includes friendly competition for the purpose of learning and skill development as safely as possible. Traditional martial arts are primarily designed for adults in a by-gone age and rarely appropriate in their original form and focus for modern day society and civi-street, even less so for children. For all these reasons, this programme is further adapted for kids, for both their safety in training and the safety of others, in and out of school. See video: Parkour Jitsu or visit Parkour Gallery.

We do not specialise/limit ourselves to one narrow skill area at the expense of other equally important skills for self-defence purposes. Instead, we seek to build a broad framework of techniques, skills and thier binding (integrative) principles that support the 'Law of Requisite Variety'. Derived from robotics, but also espoused by Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, and others, this law that states that he who has (most) options still, will be the winner. In other words, we are all only as strong as our weakest link. We, therefore, seek to optimise our options and develop flexibility in our reactions and response capability which, allows us to respond more appropriately to different situations.

The school and style is today, independent and hence free from the disruptive politics of large organizations and associations, but also free to associate with those that are open and like-minded for mutual benefit. As with so many large organisations, and especially traditional arts/schools, the higher-level and finer knowledge of the top practitioners rarely if ever gets passed down to the minions due to the over-extension (levels and geographical distance) of the tutoring chain and protectionist politics for preserving the power structure and their cultural antiques. The usual result is a Chinese Whispers style of technical degradation down the ranks, which not even fancy and expensive seminars can properly rectify and the minions have little chance of progressing to the top levels of such a long chain in an already long journey of learning and self-development. The Lii-Kan club, however, is and prefers to be a closer-knit membership that pursues a progressive system which, is constantly developing and evolving to stay abreast of modern times and needs, just as all original martial arts were intended to do, if they were to survive.

Alternatively, for more information, like and follow us on our Facebook page and join our public chat group. Video eTutorials are only available for club members in our private Facebook club page, but, public promotional videos are available on YouTube.