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Testimonies : Healing HIV-AIDS


My name is Gerry and I am gay. One day, I was having lunch with a group of friends both men and women, the conversation went from Christmas gifts to different types of food to healthy cooking. As the afternoon progressed, they departed one by one until I was left sitting with one other guy who asked me if I have the HIV-AIDS virus and I said yes. I had a cut on my finger which was taking its time to heal. He then told me about a friend of his that heals the AIDS virus and said that his friend is a gifted man. I took the information about this man and called him up that same day. As I said hello on the phone, the calm mild voice on the other side said hello. I then told him that I was diagnosed with the HIV-AIDS. But I was ashamed and did not want anyone know including my mother. He then asked how long I had the virus. I said about six months. He said OK and that he will meet with me the following day. So he did and we talked for a while and he told me about some water that he wanted me to drink for a short time. The meeting ended and I went home and started drinking the water which I bought. After a few days I started to feel better, stronger not as weak as I did before. At that time I was working on my house and I remembered how I stopped work for a moment just to realize the change in me. I called him up and let him know how I was feeling and he said that he was happy to hear from me and that everything will be well. After two weeks of drinking this water from him I certainly felt that I was a new person. At that time he told me not to be anxious, everything takes its time and in four months I should go back to the Doctor to be re-tested. I did not tell him but I went back to the Doctor after a month and a half and surprisingly, the nurse who was checking my blood status indicated to me that the results of my immune status have improved a lot almost to normal and that I should came back in three months to see the Doctor because quote "There was just one speck of the AIDS virus in your body”. She could not understand it but “it was clearing up". I can’t explain my feeling at that time but I cried. The rest of the story all fell in place. Thank God and all it cost me was a few bottles of drinking water. I know that there is something miraculous in that water. I can feel it in my gut. I am now free from the HIV-AIDS virus.

Thank you Mr. Don.                                                                                                

Gerry M.                                                                                                                                                           


I was a HIV-AIDS patient and I got it from cheating on my husband. It was sort of a payback but a week later I was told by a friend that the person who I cheated with had the HIV-AIDS virus and did not tell me. I was so stupid by not using a condom I thought since he was an old school friend he was trustworthy. But I was wrong. I cried and cried. Two days later, I got a phone call from my friend and she told me about a person who is known by another friend, who can help me. I could not let my husband know what I was going through. I finally got the telephone number and I called this man up and a cool voice answered and he calmed me and told me that everything will be OK. I could not come to terms with what I was hearing but then I concluded it did not matter because I was so broken up I just needed help. I was going out of my mind literally. I was confused with what he was telling me, but I listened. He told me about water that I needed to drink and I said OK. I brought the water to him and he gave it back to me shortly. I was instructed to drink this water for two weeks which I did. I called Him up every day for two weeks and I knew he thought that I was crazy but I did care I needed a shoulder. My marriage could be broken because of a stupid mistake and my life was on the line. I remembered when I was going to get the results of my re-test I called him up again and told him that I was going to get my results today and his reply was “so" and that everything will be as he explained. I knew then that he was getting tired of me calling him, maybe I was wrong. Well I got my results and the first person I called up was him - again. As he said hello I started to cry and cry. I could not believe it. I was given a second chance in life.

Candice F.   

My story is short. I got the virus from my boyfriend and I am no longer with him. After church service I was talking to my girlfriend who already knew that I had the HIV-AIDS virus. She told me that last night she was talking to a friend who told her about a person who she heard of from another friend. Next day we both called him up and spoke to him. The conversation was brief because he was stepping out. But he took all our information and said that he will meet with us at a planned date. I did not know what kind of person to expect and when I met him I felt so weak and the only thing that was in my mind then was "help me". As he stared at me he just simply said everything will be OK. He gave me some bottles of spring water to drink which I paid for and he told me to go and get another blood test in about four months. My reply to him was "that’s it?" and he smiled. Yes that’s it he said yes that’s all and to pray all day and every day till you die. As I was leaving I had mixed emotions and asking my friend is this all real and if she thinks that this will work? Well I went home and prayed and prayed every day as he instructed me. To tell you the truth I never prayed so much before. As a Catholic I said the Rosary each day. When the time came to go back to the clinic for retesting I even carried the Rosary with me and when was given the results that I was negative for HIV-AIDS. I don’t know how to explain this but I felt reborn. This man changed my life. I think I will continue to pray as I was instructed for the rest of my life.


Maria L.                                                                                                                                                                                               





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