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early fall edition, 2013


Lightword Publishing selected noteworthy books from recent submissions by University Press, Small Press and Self Published Authors for review. The submitter incurred no charge or obligation for a recommendation and review, but did pay a small reading fee.

Exceptional books from the smaller publishers and self-published authors are usually disregarded by large mainstream media sources.

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The Featured Book this issue is "Loving Andrew," by Romy Wyllie.



by Tom Wascoe

Subject: It’s 1969, and Michael knows if he chucks his freshman year at Oshkosh State Teachers College it’s possibly off to Vietnam. He desires to be popular and successful, but does not know how. He thinks joining a campus fraternity will increase his social status. It’s frat Hell Week and his initiation requires hitchhiking 1500 miles.
Noteworthy: Wascoe’s novel astutely and strikingly portrays Michael’s hitchhike life altering experiences, including a run-in with the law. The action keeps the reader entranced and eyes magnetized to the pages. Michael’s travel experiences include thumbed rides and challenges, causing unforeseen life changes, including Michael’s reaction when his girlfriend tells him she’s dating his friend.
Details: Bookstand Publishing. 190 pgs., $15.95. ISBN: 978-1-61863-213-5.


by A. M. Hartsock

Subject: Alex Fahlstrom, age 16, almost died from being shot. Coming out of a coma he realizes his memory is not what it use to be. While trying to create a new life-style he falls for Danielle. Alex experiences new and excruciating realities-Danielle’s ruthless family, a devastating love affair, and new, eccentric teenage buddies. The unique novel is told through the viewpoints of Danielle and Alex.
Noteworthy: The novel weaves an unpredictable storyline with mysterious unfoldings. It’s written on several levels; Eastern metaphysical views, mythology, psychology, symbolisms, sexual experiences, and violence. Multidimensional nuances are mixed with shock and awe making this literary novel a matchless masterpiece of creativity.
Details: Bartleby Press, 8600 Foundry St, Savage, MD 20763. 800-953-9929. 512 Pgs, 16.95. ISBN: 10:0910155968.



The Psychophantic

System... How To Win

by Dr. Richard Reichel

Subject: The Psychophantic system empowers you to be a working actor and improve communication skills for reaching any goal. The system teaches how to attract cooperation from people vital to your success, and how to transmute imagination into reality. Dr. Reichel, is an award winning film producer who helped bring actor Jackie Chan to the U.S.

Noteworthy: Dr. Reichel provides facts, stories and exercises- a total education about the film industry, its psychological rules, and how to create a win-win outcome for any goal. The unique "Imaginary Slyph" exercise, similar to Paracelsus philosophy, teaches how visualization can convert into reality.

Details: Hollywood East International, Inc., 1730 Florida Ave., Palm Harbor, FL 34683. 727.784.9134.140 Pgs., paper $19.99. Hardcover: $26.99.

ISBN: 978-1-4628-7279-4.



by David Kovach

Subject: Teamed with an FBI agent, a daughter’s life changing ordeal and timely search for her kidnapped mother takes compelling twists and turns. It begins with a family picnic on a San Francisco beach. Jessica’s father was shot and her mother kidnapped. The local authorities have no clues. FBI agent Hamilton works with Jessica to save mother as their intimate relationship evolves.

Noteworthy: The author’s vivid description and account of the race to save Jessica’s mom and thwart the terroristic threat to San Francisco’s business district, will spring to real life in the readers mind. Introspection into criminal mind motives are compelling, as the final outcome is edge-of-your-seat revealed.

Details: Light Messages Publishing, 5216 Tahoe Drive, Durham, NC 27713. 919.361.5041. 329pgs., $18.95.

ISBN: 978-1-61153-028-5.



More Adventures with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, Jan Mensaert

by Margaret A. Harrell

Subject: The author’s highly intimate memoir includes her business and close relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, the father of Gonzo journalism and author of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." The literary memoir includes a spiritual initiation at the Jung Zurich Institute. New Insights about poet Milton Klonsky, and later husband poet Jan Mensaert are included.

Noteworthy: The understandable defining of intuitive transformation, when Harrell was at the Jung Institute, is revealed. Harrell’s rapturous experiences with Thompson and her transformative journey toward wholeness intelligently propel her literary presentation through and beyond literary boundaries.

Details: Saeculum University Press. 259 pgs., $17.95.

ISBN: 9780983704539




To Our Responsive

Universe- Where Dreams Really Do Come True

by Boni Lonnsburry

Subject : The author was broke, totally alone and jobless. Completely down, she sought advice from successful teachers while creating a map to fulfill her dreams. Eliminating past obstructions, her unique model for success manifested. Today, Boni owns a multimillion dollar business and is living the rewarding life of her dreams.

Noteworthy: The interactive book doesn’t talk about success possibilities. The author provides a modern Jacob’s ladder, and how each rung is a vital step for materializing your dreams into reality. Universal axioms are revealed to help initiate the power of conscious creation.

Details: InnerArt™ 1750 30th Street, Ste 543, Boulder, CO 80301. 363 pgs., paper $14.95.

ISBN: 978-0-9890594-0-4




Volume 1:

McKenna and Barnett

by Len Francis Monahan

Subject: The novel takes the reader back to the turbulent 1890’s in central California. Cowboys are vividly depicted as they really were, including their unique jargon. The author grew up in a haunted home and then experienced a variety of jobs. He majored in psychology and philosophy at Toledo University.

Noteworthy: Monahan’s first razzle-dazzle "Adventure Series’ also mirrors the human condition; the karma of acts and events, our unbreakable tie to nature, and our collective inner motivations. Exciting and unique, reading this book is an adventure worth taking.

Details: Greta Fox Publishing, POB 571, Coarsegold, CA 93644. 377 pgs., paper $15.75. ISBN: 9780615681658.




by Vivian Jack

Subject: Readers will journey back in time to the 30’s and 40’s and discover the Nathaniel family of Toco Village, located on the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Readers will be introduced to a unique, hard-working culture with little crime. The book is based on real events, and told from the heart and eyes of Gabriel, a small boy during his age five to fourteen.

Noteworthy: The intriguing account of Gabriel looking for a girlfriend, believing they must be caught by a love potion, is absorbing and humorous- "Ee mus be put ah charm on she." The daily life and unique culture of this hard-working and God-fearing, people is a one-of-a-kind experience enhanced by the author’s superb writing skills.

Details: Xlibris Corp. 1-888-795-4274. 140 pgs., $19.99 paper, $29.99 hardcover.

ISBN: 978-1-4797-3164-0.



A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome

by Romy Wyllie

One noteworthy book, in each Mindquest issue, will be designated "Featured Book" and receive an additional free review renewal in the next issue. Additionally, the featured book will receive one mini review in Bernie’s "Synergy Notes."


A Fifty-Two-Year

Story of Down


by Romy Wyllie

Subject: This heartfelt memoir reveals a mother’s true story of Andrew, born with Down syndrome, and the family’s loss of a baby to cancer. The struggles of raising Andrew are intimately detailed from early nursing, school, and parenting mistakes. Andrew learned reading, writing, piano, had a 25 year job, and won Special Olympics medals.

Noteworthy: The account of Andrew’s contribution to society is remarkable. He dealt with schizophrenia in his later years and Alzheimers- his life ended at age 52. Readers will better understand people with disabilities. Included is the history and scientific facts about the disorder and modern prenatal medical genetic testing detection.

Details: Romy Wyllie, Pasadena, CA., 306 pgs., $17.06.

ISBN: 9781478298342.




by Bernie Nelson

Magazine publishers, internet book review sites and TV/radio hosts want their readers and listeners to have access to fresh, timely new books. The book reviews in this issue were carefully selected for originality and literary quality.

The featured book this issue is, LOVING ANDREW, by Romy Wyllie. It’s a must-read for parents, revealing parenting pitfalls and workable solutions for many situations. The work illustrates how anyone with a disability can improve and even excel as did Andrew. The author has an MA in English and History, a business diploma, and her book excerpts about Down syndrome were published in several national publications.

The book, TOCO, by Vivian Jack, (reviewed in this issue) is set in the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. Readers will be taken back to the 1930-1940 time period and introduced to a unique small village culture, poor but proud, working hard, good natured, as seen through the eyes of a boy from age five to fourteen. The author has a background in printing, publishing, writing, and business.

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