Arlington is a nice little town that like to take old traditions serious and one of the biggest traditions is doing the A on top of the highest hill for everyone to see. Picture shows our whole school that works so hard to make our small town look good for people that drive by so more places can see how good our town is.our A is for our graduating seniors that is ready to move on and start there lives. our lower class men work very hard to represent there seniors.  

     My name is Muris Mustafic and I've been doing this project for a while now and I stated from 0 dollars and now raised 850, 150 dollars over my estimated cost for the project I'm very thankful for the people that gave me money to do my project. I have done a lot of speeches, I have done a speech to the Arlington chamber of commerce and received 150 dollars towards my project which was my first donation and I'm very thankful for the chamber of commerce for being there for our school. I did another speech to shutter flats wind company and they donated $150 I would like to thank them for getting involved in our school activities and project. I went to the county court and they gave $150 to complete my project of lighting up the A I want to thank them for donating money to Arlington high school. after the county court I went to the city of Arlington and they decided to match all the donation, I received $150.