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Bhikkhu Pragya Jyoti

Spiritual Teacher

(Theravada & Chinese Tradition)


Wise says:

1. Always bear in their mind the following virtues: understanding, forgiveness, gratitude, contentment, and treasuring your blessings.


2. Include me when doing good deeds; exclude me when doing evil deeds.


3. Don't close yourself off. You should love others first, and then others will love you.


4. Cultivate your own field of blessings and reap your own good fortune.


5. Giving alms is just like sowing seeds; the seeds will bud when nourished with a loving heart.


6. One who has a heart of love has blessings; one who can eliminate worry has wisdom.


7. Let us compete with whom more loves, not on who is more feared.


8. A person's happiness stem not from how much he owns but from how little he complains.


9. A compassionate heart is a clear and cool place.


10. Compassion is sympathy. The compassionate heart is able to forgive, be patient, and express tolerance and love. The most fortunate thing in life is being able to forgive and sympathize with all living beings.