(First Discourse)


Lord Buddha first thought to teach His Dhamma to Ālāra Kālāma and Uddaka Rāmaputta. Later, he heard that they both passed away. So, He decided to teach the five ascetics. They were living at Deer Park, Isipatana (Sarnath) near Varanasi.


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Kamma in Buddhism

As Buddhists, we must understand

Kamma (Cause and Effect or action and the result of action) as it is explained in Buddhism. We should not blindly follow the Kamma teachings of other religions; otherwise, we will pitifully spin around according to Kamma without being able to get beyond its power or realize its end.

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Anattalakkhana Sutta

 The Blessed One was given this discourse to the five Ascetic monks at the same time, same occasion and same place at Vanarasi, Isipatana, where he was given discourse the Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta, the first Sermon after the Enlightenment.

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Education is the backbone of the society


 Education is the backbone of the society”. This proverb is well-preserved in the English literature. An English speaking people around the globe that well by-heart when they start study at Primary level.

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