The Music of Life: Connecting Hearts: Our past events

As a response to the atrocities that have been taking place especially in Aleppo, Syria this past year, we organized several Music of Life benefit concerts aimed at awakening consciousness of how we are intricately interconnected as one human family.  These took place in the Hague at the Sufi center, not far from the world-reknown Peace Peace palace. The proceeds from these events went to Doctors Without Borders to support their work in Aleppo, Syria.

October 11:  A vibrant concert with many young and talented musicians from CODARTS world music concervatory.  The ensembles included Syrian, Greek, Iranian, Cretan, German, Israel, and Dutch participants.

November 13:  Besides an inspiring lecture by Shaikh al mashaikh Mahmood Khan on the Aristocracy and Democracy of the Soul, we had again a wonderful Indian music concert with Siddharth Kishna, accompanied by Ted de Jong on tabla.

December 11:  The Aramaic prayers of the Cosmos and other sacred songs and Dances of Universal Peace with Noor and Saki celebrated Advent and the return to light.

Our 2017 dates are:  February 12, March 19, April 9, May 14, June 18, September17, October 15, November 12,  and December 3.  Details of the programmes are forthcoming.