Rebirth From the breath

Meditation and Movement with

the Aramaic Jesus

a weekend retreat in de Weyst, Handel, Holland


Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz, Ph.D.

Friday June 15 (begins at 19:00)  -

Sunday June 17 (ends at 16:00)

“The sign of the Breathing Life of All in you is: movement and rest.”--Gospel of Thomas, saying 50

During this retreat, we will use teachings and practices suggested by the words of Jesus in his native Aramaic language to deepen in our own sense of rebirth and healing.


This rebirth can occur when we reconnect with the timeless, always-on part of our nature that Jesus called in Aramaic ruha. We will alternate gentle moving meditation in the form of Dances of Universal Peace with sitting in silence to absorb the wordless experience further into our hearts..


Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz will draw teachings and new Dances of Universal Peace from his most recent work on the Jesus traditions in early Aramaic Christianity as well as Native Middle Eastern spirituality

The retreat is open to all;  some prior contemplative prayer or meditation experience is helpful.

Venue:   Pater Petrusstraat 21,  5423 SV Handel, Nederland

Costs:    retreat fee includes room and board  €230, - ;  €240,- €250 according to income