Lights Camera Action!!!

Welcome to this amazing project in which you are going to be carrying out different tasks related to the world of cinema.

Throughout this project you will be developing most of the competences needed for acquiring meaningful learning such as the linguistic, digital, learning to learn, social or cultural competences, among others. 
Furthermore, you will be practising some of the contents needed for 2º ESO:
  • Cinema-related vocabulary
  • Place names
  • Prepositions of time
  • Different tenses
  • Adjectives to describe people and places
By working on all these contents, you will also be practising the 4 skills needed when learning a language:
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
Challenging, right? Let's get started!!!

SUBJECT: English
SCHOOL: IES Vicente Medina
AUTHOR: Inma López