The Community

When we think about our light show and why we decided to do it (and why we'll continue to do it), it all boiled down to one word: tradition.

We're not talking about just any tradition, but the tradition that we began years ago and the tradition of the holiday we celebrate every December. We are grateful of the kindness and generosity of others to share this unique hobby with us and so, we wanted to share it with our community. In some cases, neighbors take notice of our efforts and send us text messages, emails, or even some fan mail. One letter that we received recently reminded us what Christmas was about and we wanted to share the note with everyone. Thank you to all who have contributed kind words and encouragement.

The note reads, "Hello Neighbor, This note is to thank you for the holiday lights synched to music. I so enjoyed it, and I'm sure others in our neighborhood loved it. My 88-year-old father and I watched the lights on Christmas Eve and it's a memory I won't forget. Thanks for the holiday cheer!"

From 2015:
This past weekend, much of our time was spent outside, observing the house from a distance or around the house installing our RGB lights and some of the fixtures from last year. While we were doing so, many neighbors who were heading out poked their head out the car and thanked us for doing our show again and had a 2-4 minute conversation that was quite jovial and humorous. Thank you to the neighbors who support our bright, flashy lighting display. We don't do the display just for ourselves... it's to entertain our community at large. We can't wait for the show to begin and see what people think of our big changes.

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