2017 Season

Hooray! Our 2017 Season has begun! Read through the sections below to learn about what it took for a new season to unfold. If you have any questions further about how we did something this year, please feel free to email us at info@lightmaestros.com and we'll try to help to our best abilities.

What's New This Year?

Enter eleven new props to ou r show this year! Six bright spheres, four snowflakes, and a large star atop our seven-foot tall PVC tree are just the beginning to our new display. We also parted ways with homemade rope lights strands on the tree trunk, and brought in eight terrific LED strings. The tree trunk is now illuminated in such a larger capacity than before. Lastly, this is the first year we publicly advertised our show! We entered our display in the Sacramento Bee newspaper.

Pictures and media coming soon!
New Props, New Projects
As we introduce the new props to the show, there were plenty of new construction projects to come with them.

The Snowflakes
Snowflakes are featured on our first floor roofline, and are attached to a PVC frame. The PVC frame was perfected in Mr. Bosley’s shop and assembled at our house. We then used cup hooks and zip ties to mount the snowflakes to the stand without the snowflakes sliding down the length of the poles. To prevent the snowflakes from tipping over, we used sandbags as weights for each frame.

The Spheres
The spheres located on the left of the house were Ryan’s favorite props. The setup and installation was tricky in execution, yet simple in design. The spheres came with hooks, which allowed us to just use a hammer and staples to keep the spheres in place. Our math for the extension cords worked out just perfectly for us too!

Upgraded: The Tree Trunk
Eight strings of LED lights made the tree trunk come to life. Originally, we used four strands of LED rope light. We found ourselves struggling year after year to make it just right, so we devised a new plan to [1] give the tree trunk more lights (and therefore more attention) and [2] update technology we felt was outdated or not as convenient for us.

Upgraded: Extension Cord Management
Extension cords are now packaged by each prop’s location. Every bundle has a cable tie every few feet to keep them all together. Now we only need to role up the bundles, rather than untangling eighty extension cords one by one each year. Better storage, faster setup and more organization was at the forefront of our minds as we came up with this plan.

In the Not-So-Distant Future...
... a little elf told me smart pixels are on the horizon for us. We have some plans for this year that will make us feel even happier about how our display looks. This includes a new set of songs, potential for new props, and generally a much better display. On top of this, our site may get a face lift as well. None of these items are set in stone, but are definitely in consideration as we plan next year's design.

Not sure what some of our terminologies mean or what we're referring to? Check out the brand new "How it Works" section for help. If this doesn't answer your question, please feel free to email us and we'll help clarify what we're trying to convey. We love hearing from you and making our content reader-friendly! We'll gladly take the time to make sure everyone can understand what we discuss, it'll make it easier for all!