2016 Season

What's New? 
When we began this project in 2014, we made a promise that we would always add something new each year the display ran. This year, we incorporated 27 new RGB channels and 12 new standard channels. One new prop was added and five existing props were given upgrades. We had several goals and plans for this year's display... to learn about these, visit the PDF document at the bottom of this article.

New Additions
2015 featured an all-new RGB controller and nine new light strings. We've stepped the upgrades up this year by adding 27 more RGB channels (nine more RGB light strands) and twelve new standard channels for a new prop. We drew in these changes into the visualizer tool and got to work. In order to operate all of the new lights, we had to purchase a new RGB controller and a standard controller.


Build and Buy
We went out to buy more RGB lights and found out our controller we bought doesn't quite fit the lights we were going to buy. Because of this, we had to scramble to find a vendor who made the type of light we needed. Luckily, we found just the group to buy from. As part of an RGB upgrade, we needed to build a PVC frame for each of the windows. This proved to be simple, in hindsight. The tricky part was getting the RGBs soldered to create a square. We easily spent the equivalent of a week figuring out how to solder nine corners, thirty-six times. RGBs are formatted to have a power connection, plus the red, green and blue wiring throughout the wire. Nine corners, with four soldering points, is equal to thirty-six solders. Along with creating new frames for the windows, we built a brand new prop from scratch this year. A seven-foot-tall tree was built completely from PVC fittings and tubing.


Our original design called for the use of a wood base that eventually, and unfortunately, had to be changed. While we hoped to use the original base for the tree, it became too difficult to use as a final product. We then found a design online from a colleague in the lighting business who had shared his creation. Assembly of the tree took less than an hour to complete. The final piece of the puzzle was how we were going to attach lights to this tree. At long last, we took tiny cup hooks and drilled them into the PVC to create a triangle. Each of the eight triangles would light up one string of lights, creating eight "pie slices" of color. In addition to the pie slices, we wrapped our pure white lights around the circumference of the tree, slowly spiraling to the top. Though not perfectly spiraled, the lights turned out quite amazing.


As a surprise to us for our extra hard work on getting the show together in such a short window of time, we were given a yard sign for the show! It includes our website, the name of our group (the Light Maestros) and how to listen to the show. Jan and Chelsea helped design the sign for us and presented it to us as a treat. (Which we greatly appreciate!)


While new equipment and lighting came in over the summer, we were tinkering with a major project set to be released next season. Due to our focus on this, our abilities to sequence were set aside. This then came to be our challenge later as September rolled around and we realized... we didn't have any sequences ready! Without sequences, we couldn't have a show!

We didn't have much to show for a sequence at this point in the season. In a mad dash to save our show, we had to use some old sequences. This is where we saved ourselves from too much work! Reusing our old sequences gave us the chance to re-animate them to our new show, without having to hunt for the beats of the song. We are dismayed we couldn't use new songs this year, but we're fortunate to have a show running for our friendly viewers.

This year's show includes:
  1. Carol of the Bells
  2. The Nutrocker
  3. Linus and Lucy
  4. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Click here for an update on our progress for the 2016 season. (Posted 10/02/2016)

Ryan Golding,
Dec 18, 2016, 10:56 PM