As our project progressed, so many people have shared their words of wisdom and have offered their time and resources to help us make this Christmas special. We want to take some time to recognize those people whose efforts have made this project possible. We thank:
    • Mr. Bosley, for sharing his professional insight, allowing us to use his wood shop, and providing endless support throughout the project.
    • The innumerable men and women in the Light-o-Rama forums, for advice and support in the research and discovery phase.
    • The good people at The Christmas Light Emporium, Creative Lighting Displays, Radiant Holidays, Amazon, WowLights and all of our other vendors for their insight and expertise.
    • Our neighbors and community for enjoying our lights and making memories with us.
    • Our friends and family who traveled across town (and those who were a few minutes away) to admire our light show.
    • But especially, we thank viewers like you who visit our website and check out all the neat information we have gathered to share with you all.