Welcome to the Light Maestros website! We are a family of four who conducts an annual Christmas display of lights synchronized to upbeat holiday songs. 
Our official logo was introduced late in 2016, created by Ryan.

The family of four - Tod, Janine, Chelsea, and Ryan - always have made Christmas decorating a team effort. Tod and Ryan would take care of stringing the lights on the house, while the snowman and train were positioned by Janine and Chelsea (they know how to perfectly place them on the hilly lawn). In years past, the family would throw a synchronized light tree into the lineup of lawn decorations. This tree was put away when the synchronized lights seen today became feasible, though not without argument from Chelsea (it was her favorite part of our decorations after all). The static "traditional" display seemed to be not quite enough for the family when the subject of synchronized lights seemingly found its way into every conversation during December...

The synchronized lights you see today are inspired by a community who have participated in this very hobby many years ago. In the month of December, we would choose one evening to research all of the synchronized light shows -or awesome light displays- in the Sacramento area. We would pack the car with blankets and mugs of coffee and hot cocoa and set out for a long journey. One day, Tod's daughter Chelsea asked him if it was possible for their family to make their own synchronized light show. He would put it off for several years until around 2012-2014. This is where Ryan played a huge role in researching and designing several concepts of how they could pull off their very own light show. In 2014, the plan was finally put into action. Over 300 feet of extension cords, 300 feet of LED rope light, 100 feet of plexi-glass, 2 lawn decoration and 2 Light-o-Rama controllers would be hung on their two-story house. They were proud of the show they created in 2014 (for a quick and budgeted show), and had plans in 2015 to upgrade the show tremendously. In 2015, they introduced the concept of RGB lights, which made a huge impact on the show. 2016 brought an even better upgrade – you’ll just have to come see it to believe it. Interested in how we hung the lights? Click here to see how each year's project was completed.

Light Maestro Show Status

Current Show: Active, come visit!

Show Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 5 - 9:30pm
Weekends: 5 - 10:30pm

In situations of inclement weather, or if we are experiencing technical problems, we will cancel our show. Some shows may be canceled at the last minute, therefore we cannot be held responsible for anyone who traveled to see a show, and did not end up seeing one. We apologize in advance if this ever happens, though we hope it never will. We do not ever want to cancel a show, but sometimes we feel the integrity of our lights and our display will be at risk of potential failure if we were to run a show. Thank you for understanding.
Our Location
  • Our address is 12033 Old Eureka Way Gold River, CA 95670
  • We are located about 1 mile off of the Hazel Ave on/off ramp from Highway 50... see the map below for more information.
  • In order to see our show fully, take a left down Rising Sun Way, and make a U-Turn so you face the house straight-on.
  • When you arrive, tune your radio to 88.5 FM. You may need to adjust your volume to be a bit higher than normal.

12033 Old Eureka Way

Viewing Etiquette
We want to ensure that everyone is able to safely enjoy the lights and music we spend all year perfecting, and in order to create an environment where everyone is safe and enjoying the display, we have a few ground rules. These rules apply to all who come to see the lights, not just Santa Claus.
  • We all want to have the best view possible when we come to the display - therefore, please do not block the display by parking in front of it or blocking roadways. (Please do not stop in the middle of the road, either.) We understand accidents can happen or there may not be room for you to see it yet. Please don't be an angry elf, Santa loves everyone and has a treat for you if you wait patiently for a spot to open up.
  • As much as you love "Carol of the Bells," please don't blast it to others. Keep your stereo volume at a reasonable level, out of courtesy to our neighbors and others who may be viewing the display.
  • Our lights are bright, we know! Please do not add to this brightness - for the best experience, turn your headlights off while watching the display. When you leave, please do not forget to turn your lights back on. We want you to be able to return home safely.
  • Do you like our display? We do too! Please don't let us know with any loud honking or unnecessary noises.
  • Whoa.... how did we do that? Curiosity is what began this display - please don't let your curiosity get in the way. PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH THE DISPLAY. THERE IS LIVE, HIGH VOLTAGE RUNNING. IT IS A DANGER TO YOU AND YOUR HEALTH IF YOU INTERFERE WITH OUR DISPLAY.

New This Year

When we began this project in 2014, we made a promise that we would always add something new each year the display ran. This year, we incorporated 27 new RGB channels and 12 new standard channels. One new prop was added and five existing props were given upgrades.

To learn more about these additions, click here.
Many visitors have asked us, "How does your light show work?" and because this question has a really long answer, we try to break the answer into smaller sections, which usually helps... What has been generated from these discussions is a video that we hope will help answer your questions.  How do we make all of the lights dance to the music? Watch the video below to find out how! The display consists of forty-eight RGB channels and twenty-six standard channels, which are fed to four controllers. (Two of which are devoted to the RGBs specifically.)  If you still have other questions about the lights, feel free to send us an email at info@lightmaestros.com and we'll gladly do our best to answer any question you may have.