Light Language (LL), is the language of consciousness. I would like to invite you to learn this remarkable language
with me.

If you can visit me where I live in the Galilee, Israel, I can teach you Light Language in person. I also teach via the
internet, so even if you live far from the nearest LL teacher and are unable to travel, you need not miss the opportunity
to learn Light Language.

On this website you will find a brief explanation and introduction to Light Language, which will help each of you feel and
connect, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Enjoy your visit.


I wish to express my gratitude to all my teachers, and to the LL lineage: to Joyce Stech for being my teacher and training
me to teach Light Language, both in person and via the internet; to Jerry Pegden, who walked with me many miles and
introduced me to Joyce; and to Starr Fuentes for bringing LL to the West so that we can all enjoy it.

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