The Coalition of Lighthouse Schools' purpose is to create a dynamic learning community
of schools 
that utilize one–to–one computing,
empowering students and teachers to lead in the 21st Century.

 iSummit™ 2015 Conference
Join us at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia June 10th-11th, 2015 for our annual conference.

Be a part of a group of educators, leaders, and IT professionals from independent and charter school environments who are joining us to collaborate on teaching and learning strategies with technology as we continue to enhance the learning process by "Connecting: Learning, Teaching, Inspiring." 

The Coalition of Lighthouse Schools is:
  • a collaborative organization whose members are either currently implementing or considering the implementation of Apple learning mobile computing devices in a one–to–one environment in their schools
  • a group whose primary membership is comprised of independent and charter schools
  • the organization behind iSummit™, one of the leading education technology conferences in the United States that focuses on one–to–one learning initiatives with Apple technologies
  • a group of educators, IT professionals, and administrators who have a passion for equipping students with tools that harness the limitless power of technology to enhance teaching and learning to successfully prepare our students for the 21st century