Light-House Of Prayer Ministries

Light-House Of Prayer Ministries

Rev. Scott Charles Wolfe, Chaplain

124.5 North Second Street
Jeannette, Pa. 15644-3325
Home: 724-523-5426
Mobile: 412-610-3809

Helping a neighbor in need is considered a more religious act than participating in complicated rituals.

Question & Answer

Question: What happens when believers pray for their neighbors?

Answer: Good things that wouldn't have happened if we hadn't prayed!

Are there some specific "good things" you'd like us to pray about for you?

Call And E-mail us to let us know.

Prayer can make a difference in every person's life in our neighborhoods.

We'd like to pray specifically for your needs. Just Call And E-mail us your prayer requests we'd love to pray for you.

My Business Is Prayer (M.B.I.P.)

Do you need prayer for your health, for your work, for your family, or for any other need?

We'll pray for you for thirty days. Call And E-mail us if God answers before thirty days are up!


Neighbors Who Pray For Neighbors

We pray because...

-Prayer is the shortest way to God.
-Prayer honors God, who is eager to have us ask.
-Prayer is the means by which heaven's blessing are brought down to earth.
-Prayer changes things which need to be changed.
-Prayer is wonderful and effective.

We pray for...

-Physical blessings like health, jobs, and income.
-Inner-world blessings like joy and peace.
-Relational blessings like love, family harmony, and good friends.
-Spiritual blessings like faith, hope, and peace with God.
-Solutions to life's problems.

Please, let us know if we can pray for you.

Deo Vindice! In God We Trust!

1 John 3:18: My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

Members are known by their first name and their absence is apparent at services. Each member is part of an emotional support group that protects each other from falling through the cracks. Family and friends celebrate happy events together and help each other out during tragic events.

Helping a neighbor in need is considered a more religious act than participating in complicated rituals.

Christian Chaplains Corps Of America
Chaplain Scott Charles Wolfe

The Christian Chaplains Corps of America is a Patriotic Volunteer organization, committed to following the Lord as Disciples of Christ, commissioning Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants who will go out and make new disciples, by baptizing, teaching, preaching and ministering to people in our nation's communities and reaching out and helping to alleviate human suffering wherever there is a need.