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Cub Scout Packs in the Lighthouse District are located primarily in North and Central Palm Beach County.  

Scouting is fun with a purpose, and the purpose is to raise boys who respect themselves and others, and who have strong character.


Why kids like Cub Scouts

 “We do fun stuff.” 
“We get to make stuff.” 
“We win awards.” 
“We go to cool places” 
“I get to be with my friends.” 
“We help people.” 
“Camping is fun.” 
“We visit the police and firemen.”

Why parents like Cub Scouts

·         Builds a child's self esteem and builds character through Core Values

·         Kids have fun learning practical skills and knowledge

·         Lots of recognition for achievements

·         Trips to enjoyable places you might not get to visit otherwise

·         Meet other families with similar interests

·         Learn about community

·         Easy participation in high-quality events without doing it all yourself

·         Family camping - and you don’t have to cook any meals – sign me up!


We are Active!

Cub Scouts is dedicated to lively Cub Scout experiences with activities that capture the interest of boys yet are fun for the entire family, including siblings. Our Cub Scouts learn essential skills and enjoyment of outdoor activities, community involvement, personal safety, sports, academics, and the environment.

Here are some District & Council activities we’ve done and are planning:

  • Pinewood Derby (model car racing) 
  • Flag Ceremonies 
  • Marching in Parades 
  • Webelos Woods 
  • District Family Campouts 
  • Scout Night (Campouts at Sports Venues)
  • Cub Scout Summer Day Camp 
  • Cub Scout Resident Camp
  • Mega Scout Show 
  • Hiking 
  • Conservation Projects 
  • South Florida Fair 
  • Scouting for Food (Service Project) 
  • Sand Sifters (Service Project)
  • Camp Cards Sales (Fundraisers)
  • Popcorn Sales (Fundraisers)


Most Packs offer the opportunity to participate in Cub Scout camping one to two times per year or more where boys participate in hiking, canoeing, archery, and environmental skills. 



One of Scouting’s biggest benefits is the structured exposure to skills and practical knowledge needed in family, career and community. Many of the projects in our Packs help boys earn recognition for their achievements in over 70 different skills/activities.

Cub Scout Advancement

The youngest Scouts can earn emblems for achievement in Family, Den, or Go See It activities.

As Scouts grow, they can earn emblems of recognition for 24 different sports including virtually every ball sport plus skating, fishing and swimming.

Academic accomplishment is also very important with recognition of accomplishment in 16 areas including:

Art – Astronomy – Chess  Citizenship - Collecting Communicating - Computers  Geography - Heritage   Language & Cultures - Map & Compass - Mathematics - Music Science – Weather - Wildlife Conservation

Webelos are the oldest Scouts and they can earn 20 pins signifying their proficiency in Physical, Mental, Community, Technology, and Outdoor activities.  The Webelos program also prepares boys to join Boy Scouts at the end of fifth grade OR upon completion of the Arrow of Light OR upon turning age 11.


Cub Scout activities are based on CORE VALUES!

September - Cooperation October - Responsibility
November - Citizenship December - Respect
January - Positive Attitude February - Resourcefulness March - Compassion April - Faith
May - Health & Fitness June - Perseverance 
July - Courage August - Honesty


Cub Scouts Packs are NOT . . .

Exclusive – We welcome boys and families of all backgrounds. 

Particularly Religious – Scouting intentionally embraces all religions and offers achievement awards for learning about 25 of the world’s religions. 

Day Care – Even if you can’t help out very much, you should attend the meetings and events and be with your son. Many activities are parent / son oriented.

Who we ARE

How we’re organized

Our packs usually have about 15-40 boys organized by dens.  Each den has 5 to 8 boys of similar grade level.  Dens are a great way to make and stay in touch with friends.  Boys may join at any grade.

·         1st – graders are in Tigers

·         2nd – graders are in Wolves

·         3rd – graders are in Bears

·         4th-and 5th – graders are in Webelos

Our leadership is all volunteers made up of parents, grandparents, and guardians.  Every volunteer leader must complete a Boy Scouts of America adult application (includes background check), complete Youth Protection Training and position training (most training is available online and more info. may be obtained from the unit training chair).


Dens meet two to four times per month where boys do games, crafts and activities toward requirements for achievement awards. Pack meetings are one evening a month, and feature award recognition and fun activities.  The entire family is encouraged to attend the monthly Pack meetings!


Cub Scouts are open to ALL

Cub Scout Packs are open to all boys between first and fifth grades. Boys may join the pack at any time, whether or not they’ve belonged to a pack before. 

Collection of dues varies with each Pack. Uniforms are available at the Scout Shop for an additional cost. Dues may cover expenses for the boy throughout the year, such as pack membership, awards and patches, various materials, and a subscription to the national Scouting magazine, Boy’s Life.

Our affiliations – Each Pack is part of the Lighthouse District, which is part of the Gulf Stream Council, Boy Scouts of America. We are non-denominational.


How to Join

Membership is open to all 1st – 5th grade. 

Contact the
Lighthouse District Executive 

Find a pack in your area -


8335 N. Military Trail 
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410