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    River Raft Regatta 


Last Year's River Raft Regatta

Lighthouse District River Raft Regatta

4/24 - 4/26/15
at Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation
The 2015 River Raft Regatta was yet another huge success!

Congratulations to ALL of the Scouts competing in the 2015 River Raft Regatta!

Kudos to Mike M. and the entire River Raft Regatta staff that made the event a blast!

A shout-out to Dutchee and the Lifeguards for providing the opportunity for everyone to cool off in the water!

2015 Raft Awards


2015 Champion - Troop #567



 1st Place - Raft #34 1st Place - Raft #28
 2nd Place - Raft #28
 2nd Place - Raft #34
3rd Place - Raft #5 3rd Place - Raft #27

1st Place - Raft #10 - 24 mins.
2nd Place - Raft #26, 11 mins.

3rd Place - Raft #9, 29 mins.


River Raft Regatta (hosted by Lighthouse District)
The purpose of this annual event is for the Scouts to have fun while learning teamwork, designing and building their own rafts and finally competing in a River Raft Race.  Awards are presented for Scout Spirit, Raft Design and the Raft Race.  The Scouts and leaders also enjoy a weekend  camp-out at the beuatiful Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation. The weekend is designed to be laid-back and fun-filled!

All Troops, Teams, Ships, Crews and Posts are encouraged to attend!  Day Visitors are also welcome for a small entrance fee.

Be sure to remind your Scouts to include this event on their annual calendar!!

Past River Raft Regatta Patches