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    District Pinewood Derby

Lighthouse District Pinewood Derby
1-3pm @ TK!

Congratulations to ALL of the Scouts competing in the 2015 District Pinewood Derby!

2015 District top finishers by den
 Tigers and Wolves
  Bears and Webelos
 Tigers 1st Place - Logan L. P157 Bears 1st Place - Emmanuel S. P141
 Tigers 2nd Place - Nicholas L. P141 Bears 2nd Place - Andy V. P141
 Tigers 3rd Place - Spencer F. P173 Bears 3rd Place - Joshua M. P774
 Wolves 1st Place - Reid H. P774 Webelos (1&2) 1st Place - Harrison C. P712
 Wolves 2nd Place - Connor M. P714 Webelos (1&2) 2nd Place - Devon L. P173
 Wolves 3rd Place - Bryan M. P711 Webelos (1&2) 3rd Place - Robby V. P141

2015 Overall top finishers
1st Place - Devon L. P173
2nd Place - Harrison C. P712

3rd Place - Logan L. P157

Click this link for results of the 2015 Gulf Stream Council Pinewood Derby -


District & Council Derbies
If you have any question about the Lighthouse District Pinewood Derby, please contact the Lighthouse District Pinewood Derby Chair (contact info. is provided on District Leaders List).
DISTRICT - The top 3 Winners from your pack will run against other Pack winners to determine the. Each Rank will race against others in their Rank.

COUNCIL- The top 3 Winners from the Lighthouse District Derby will run against other District winners to determine the Gulf Stream Council Winners. Again each Rank will race against others in their Rank.

Prizes and Recognition

The Derby is about doing one's best, good sportsmanship and having fun, so all participants will be recognized. But that doesn't mean our race winners won't take home some shiny trophies.
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