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Scout Programs and Activities
 This page provides an overview of various programs and activities in the Gulf Stream Council

Cub & Webelos Activities

Cub / Webelos Day Camp (Summertime Program)
An organized one- to five-day program for Cub Scouts and Webelos under certified leadership at an approved site, during daylight or early evening hours, but not overnight.
Wondering what to do with your Cub Scouts after school ends? Come spend a week of fun at Day Camp! The activities generally run from 9am til 4pm with before and aftercare if needed. Meet other boys the same age and spend a great day in the camp.
All events are open to Boy Scouts as volunteer staff.
Cub / Webelos Resident Camp (Summertime Program)
An overnight camping activity conducted by the council for Cub Scouts and/or Webelos and their parents. A Wolf Cub can camp for 4 nights, while a Bear Cub can camp for 4 or 6 nights. Webelos camp for 6 nights. Webelos II's can signup for a special night hike and learn first hand how a Boy Scout Patrol is ran. This is on a first come basis, space is limited and fills up fast. Cub Scout Resident Camp is all of the fun of Cub Scout Day Camp plus you get to camp overnight and have Skits, Songs, and Cheers at campfires! Webelos Resident Camp adds new activities tailored to the expanding abilities of Webelos.Cub Scout Outdoor activity Award Requirement
Family Camps (District or Council level)
Council or District organized family camps are overnight events involving more than one pack. The local council or district provides all of the elements of the outdoor experience, such as staffing, food service and program. These are sometimes referred to as parent/pal or adventure weekends.

Advancement events (District or Council level)
Council or District organized advancement events provide an opportunity for Scouts to earn advancement through a planned group event.  An example of a District event is the annual CLAW (Cub Scout Loop Advancement Workday) hosted in September by the Everglades District and open to Cub Scouts from all districts.

* Webelos also have opportunities to participate in some of the Boy Scout events such as S.A.W.

Critter Prowl (hosted by Lighthouse District)
This annual Cub Scout event is usually held the last weekend in October.  Cub Scouts Packs from all over Lighthouse District setup kiosk type workstations which focus on one belt loop. The scout goes from workstation to workstations and learns about various sports / academics and in turns will earn a belt loop. An adult must accompany the scout during the entire event, no drop offs. 
Mosquitoree (hosted by Lighthouse District) 
This is an exciting annual family camping event for all members of your pack that is held each January. The Scouts will participate all weekend in various events. Not only will Scouts have fun and learn scouting skills, but they will earn loops, pin, patches and awards. This event takes place at Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation in Jupiter. Boy Scout Youth Staff serve as 'Wagonmasters' to help you out with camp setup or problems during the weekend.
Cub Scout Derbies (Unit, District & Council level)
Racing in a Cub Scout derby is great fun. You'll get to design your racing vehicle, work with a parent to build it, and see it perform on race day. Win or lose, you'll take pride in having done your best!  When you race in a Cub Scout derby, you learn craft skills, the rules of fair play, and good sportsmanship — things you will remember all of your life.
Types of Derbies - The main types of derbies are the Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, Space Derby, and Cubmobile Derby.

    * Top Pinewood Derby finishers from each Pack then compete in
       the District Pinewood Derby (usually held in April).
    * The District top finishers then compete in the Council Pinewood
       Derby (usually held in May).

Pack Campouts
Many Packs find campouts to be an enjoyable family activity that younger Scouts enjoy greatly.  Campouts can be to a special place or in a local facility.  Units should ensure BSA guidelines are followed for all campouts including BALOO trained leaders and 2-deep adult leadership.

Family Camping
Family camping is an outdoor experience, other than resident camping, that involves Cub Scouting. Recreational family camping occurs when Scouting families camp as a family unit outside of an organized program. It is a non-structured camping experience. It can be on non-Council property such as places like Lion Country Safari, Sea World, Ft. Wilderness, Metro Zoo etc. Local councils may have family camping facilities available for rent at reasonable rates. Other council resources may include equipment, information, and training.

 Troop, Post, Ship and Crew Activities

Boy Scout Summer Camp (Summertime Program)
An overnight camping activity conducted by the council for Boy Scouts. Summer Camp lasts 2 weeks. Summer camp is what many Scouts enjoy most. Camp programs provide numerous opportunities for Scouts to earn merit badges along their advancement trail as well as have fun in the numerous activities only available at Summer Camp.
S.A.W. Scout Advancement Weekend
The same as CLAW is for Cub Scouts, this annual event, normally held every November, is for Webelos and Boy Scouts. Webelos will work on Activity Badges / Pins, while Scouts work on Merit Badges. SAW is usually held at Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation in Jupiter. This event is to help Webelos transition to Boy Scouts. 
River Raft Regatta (hosted by Lighthouse District)
The annual River Raft Regatta held every spring is open to Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers and Sea Scouts.  The purpose of this event is for the Scouts to have fun while learning teamwork, designing and building their own rafts.  They then attend a camp-out where they participate in a River Raft Race. Awards are presented for Raft Competition and Design.  The weekend is designed to be laid-back and fun-filled!
American Legion Cracker Trail
The Cracker Trail is an annual Boy Scout Skills Adventure Camporee. It is designed to showcase the scout spirit, unit challenges, as the Scouts are challenged in different areas of Scouting Skills. This Skills Adventure Camporee is open to all Boy Scout Troops in the State of Florida. The 2013 camporee only requirement to attend this Camporee is to receive an endorsement from an American Legion Post in your area.
Events will include Towns designed to expose our Scouts to Americanism, Honor Guard, Rifle Range, Orienteering and many more, plus a Chuck Wagon Race, Auction, Campfire Ceremony, Patrol activities and a Saturday evening meal in the Dining Hall.
Camporees (hosted by Districts & Councils)
Councils and districts plan camporees and other outings during the year that give Scouts an opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in competitive events with other troops/patrols, crews, posts and ships.
Weekend Overnight Camping (Unit activity)
Troops/teams that plan and carry out outings once a month attract and retain youth at a much higher level than those that have fewer outings during the year.  Monthly outings also provide opportunities necessary for Scouts to advance.  BSA appropriate 2-deep adult leadership is required for all Scouting activities.
Put the "OUTING" in your SCOUTING!!

Patrol Activities (Unit Activity)
A Boy Scout patrol or Varsity Scout squad may participate in patrol activities with the permission of its Scoutmaster or Coach and parents/guardians. BSA appropriate 2-deep adult leadership is required for all Scouting activities.

Older Scout opportunities (Council and National)
Older Scouts have opportunities such as staffing district and council events as well as participating in National High Adventure base activities.  Keep your eyes open for Volunteer call-outs on Council and District event flyers and check out the Hi Adventure and Jamboree pages of this website for more info. on events in the U.S. and abroad!

National Scout Jamboree (National BSA Hi Adventure)
Eligible Scouts and Leaders from the Gulf Stream Council have the opportunity to participate in the National Scout Jamboree by attending with the Gulf Stream Council contingent.  Check out the Jamboree page on this website and the Gulf Stream Council website for more details.
What is the National Scout Jamboree?
Imagine 50,000 Scouts (young men and women from Troops, Crews & Ships), volunteers, and staff from all over the United States PLUS Scouts and Leaders from multiple countries, all gathered together for one big celebration of Scouting! Held ONLY once every four years at the Summit Bechtel Scout Reservation, the National Scout Jamboree is a chance to camp out with current friends, meet new friends, try high-adventure activities, learn new skills, and enjoy the outdoors. Over 10 days long, there are exhibits, world class stadium shows with entertainment, opportunities to work on merit badges — there's something for everybody!