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What is Commissioner Service?
Commissioners are your unit's first line of help in Scouting. They work to get you the answers to your Scouting questions. There are a number of different types of Commissioners. Each unit (pack, troop, crew and ship) should have a Unit Commissioner. Your Unit Commissioner should be your unit's best friend as they help your unit be its best.

There are also Roundtable Commissioners. These Commissioners develop and present the program and training at your district's monthly roundtable. To support the Unit Commissioners and Roundtable Commissioners, there is the Assistant District Commissioner (ADC). Each ADC provides support and backup help to the other Commissioners.

The leader of the ADC's, the Unit Commissioners and the Roundtable Commissioners is the District Commissioner. The District Commissioner is your district's leader of the Commissioner Staff and with the ADC's, work to make sure your unit has the best possible Commissioner to help your unit's program. The District Commissioner is also one of your district's Key 3 (District Commissioner, District Committee Chair, and District Executive).

There are also council level Commissioners. The Council Commissioner works with the Council Committee for creating council level support through the total Commissioner Staff. This is done through the Assistant Council Commissioners that are assigned duties to support the Commissioners in the districts through providing Commissioner Training and Support.

An important note about Commissioners: Commissioners do not lead your unit (that's your job as a unit leader). They are a resource that you can call on to help you solve your Scouting issues and concerns in delivering the Scouting program to your unit's youth. If your Commissioner does not know the answer to your question, they know who to ask to get the answer for you as quickly as possible.

The Lighthouse District Commissioner list is provided below.

Leaders, are you looking for something new and rewarding to do this scouting year? Lighthouse has positions open for District Unit Commissioners. If you are interested please contact
the District Commissioner.
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Unit # (P=Pack, T=Troop, C=Crew, S=Ship) or Roundtable (RT)Unit Commissioner NameEmail AddressPhone #
Unit # (P=Pack, T=Troop, C=Crew, S=Ship) or Roundtable (RT)Unit Commissioner NameEmail AddressPhone #
C2109 Steve Mitchell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
C2150 James Forester (ADC) jtn.forester@yahoo.com 561-222-8804 
C2157 Steve Mitchell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
C2173 James Forester (ADC) jtn.forester@yahoo.com 561-222-8804 
C2715 Tyler Mitchell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
C2750 James Forester (ADC) jtn.forester@yahoo.com 561-222-8804 
Commissioner Website Admin James Forester (ADC) jtn.forester@yahoo.com 561-222-8804 
P116 Renee' Adams Adamsr4382@att.net 561-541-6663 
P120 Jyl Mayall (ADC) mmayall@aol.com 561-818-3782 
P123 Renee' Adams Adamsr4382@att.net 561-541-6663 
P124 Barbie Mayer Barbara-Mayer@att.net 561-713-0623 
P128 Tyler Mitchell d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
P132 Eugen (Gene) Hul fl911disp@hotmail.com 561-315-6738 
P141 Harry Borders hfb525@aol.com 561-762-2889 
P147 Barbie Mayer Barbara-Mayer@att.net 561-713-0623 
P150 Shannon Straight MajorShan@gmail.com 561-460-8017 
P157 Michael (Mike) Mayall michaelMayall@bellsouth.net 561-383-0190 
P173 Michael (Mike) Mayall michaelMayall@bellsouth.net 561-383-0190 
P176 Bonnie Kovac (ADC) toolwizard@juno.com 561-758-6542 
P711 Clint Smethurst (ADC) rugbyclint@aol.com 561-578-0878 
P712 Clint Smethurst (ADC) rugbyclint@aol.com 561-578-0878 
P714 Bonnie Kovac (ADC) toolwizard@juno.com 561-758-6542 
P747 Andrew Hutchinson andrewnh2@gmail.com 561-373-7279 
P769 Jyl Mayall (ADC) mmayall@aol.com 561-818-3782 
P773 Clint Smethurst (ADC) rugbyclint@aol.com 561-578-0878 
P774 William (Bill) Figler williamfigler@gmail.com 773-671-3914 
P791 Steve Mitchell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
P9768 Tyler Mitchell d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
P9780 Romney Baldwin rjbscouting@gmail.com  
P9794 Romney Baldwin rjbscouting@gmail.com  
RT Commissioner Barbie Mayer Barbara-Mayer@att.net 561-713-0623 
RT Commissioner - Boy Scout Mike Redavid redave4@bellsouth.net 561-373-0638 
RT Commissioner - Cub Scout Kathy Leno kathymfox@att.net 561-371-3073 
RT Staff April Madison April.Madison@yahoo.com 561-381-9534 
RT Staff Jason Rosemeyer jason@mpfi.org 561-339-5598 
T105 Jyl Mayall (ADC) mmayall@aol.com 561-818-3782 
T109 Steve Mitchell d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
T111 Barbie Mayer Barbara-Mayer@att.net 561-713-0623 
T120 Jyl Mayall (ADC) mmayall@aol.com 561-818-3782 
T122 Steve Mitchell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
T128 Steve Mitchell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
T13 Eugen (Gene) Hul fl911disp@hotmail.com 561-315-6738 
T132 Eugen (Gene) Hul fl911disp@hotmail.com 561-315-6738 
T141 Harry Borders hfb525@aol.com 561-762-2889 
T150 James Forester (ADC) jtn.forester@yahoo.com 561-222-8804 
T155 Steve Mitchell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
T173 Andrew Hutchinson andrewnh2@gmail.com 561-373-7279 
T180 Jyl Mayall (ADC) mmayall@aol.com 561-818-3782 
T199 Jyl Mayall (ADC) mmayall@aol.com 561-818-3782 
T5777 Steve Mitchell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
T701 Steve Mitchell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
T711 William (Bill) Figler williamfigler@gmail.com 773-671-3914 
T712 Steve Mithcell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
T721 Mike Redavid redave4@bellsouth.net 561-373-0638 
T774 Andrew Hutchinson andrewnh2@gmail.com 561-373-7279 
T794 Jyl Mayall (ADC) mmayall@aol.com 561-818-3782 
T9768 Tyler Mitchell d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
T9787 Steve Mitchell (DC) d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
T9794 Romney Baldwin rjbscouting@gmail.com  
Showing 59 items