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What is the role of the District Committee for you?
There are four primary functions of the District Committee: Unit Service, Program, Membership and Finance.

Unit Service
- Unit service provides direct coaching and consultation by district volunteers for unit adults to help ensure the success of every Scouting unit. Unit leaders are at the forefront of the Scouting program in helping to ensure its success!

Program - Program concentrates on helping Scouting units with camp promotion and special activities including community service, training adult volunteers, and youth advancement and recognition.  Program helps coordinate many District events throughout the year.  A quality program recruits and retains its members!

Membership - Membership strives for growth through the organization of new Scouting units, growth through new members joining existing units, and growth through the retention of existing members.  Recruiting events such as Back to School nights fall under Membership.

Finance - Finance helps raise funds to support Camp Tanah Keeta operations and facilities. Successful fundraising events by units can offer every one of their Scouts the opportunity to participate in Scouting regardless of economic background.

Please see below for the District Leaders Contact list.

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District PositionNameEmailPhone
District PositionNameEmailPhone
1-District Chairman (Key3) Steve Alexander classof72@bellsouth.net 561-433-2355 
2-District Commissioner (Key3) Steve Mitchell d2dsm@yahoo.com 561-324-3769 
3-District Executive (Key3) Jeff Snow jeff.snow@scouting.org 561 694-8585 
Activities & Civic Service Chair POSITION OPEN Contact Key3 for info.  
Advancement Chair  Richard Bache  rkbache@bellsouth.net 561 743-7653 
Camp Cards Chair 2016 Christina Wilson rcw0rhj@sbcglobal.net 561-301-5277  
Camping Chair Stan Oblacynski stano-scouts@comcast.net 561-262-1614 
Communications & Website Karen Goswell kgoswell87@gmail.com 610-639-2776 
Community Relations Chair  POSITION OPEN Contact Key3 for info.  
Critter Prowl Chair 2016 POSITION OPEN Contact Key3 for info.  
Day Camp Chair 2015 Kathy Leno kathymfox@att.net 561-371-3073 
Eagle Board Chair Glenn Alexander samalex964@bellsouth.net 561-722-0381 
Finance Chair Brad Vialpando   
FOS - Community Chair POSITION OPEN Contact Key3 for info.  
FOS - Family Chair Kathy Hul Kathy.hul@scouting.org  561-315-6739 
Fundraising Chair Christina Wilson rcw0rhj@sbcglobal.net 561-301-5277 
Membership Chair John Krayeski johnkrayeski@gmail.com  
Mosquitoree Chair 2018 Melissa Shasteen cubmastermelissa@gmail.com  
OA Chapter Advisor Kelsey Cupples Kelsey.Cupples@scouting.org 561-758-4912 
Pinewood Derby Chair 2018   561-866-9913 
Popcorn Chair 2016 Christina Wilson rcw0rhj@sbcglobal.net  561-301-5277  
Program Chair David Merrill david@ombkc.com 561-371-7471 
River Raft Regattta Chair 2018 Mike McLoughlin m.mcloug@gmail.com 561-267-8759 
Roundtable Commissioner - Boy Scout    
Roundtable Commissioner - Cub Scout Barbara Mayer bmayer.lhdrtcc@gmail.com 561-713-0623 
Scouting for Food Chair    
STEM chair Craig Dufresne craig.dufresne@thermofisher.com 561-951-5582 
Training Chair Abbie Rosemeyer abigail.rosemeyer@gmail.com (561) 779-2990 
Venturing POSITION OPEN   
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