We are always looking for people to volunteer.  The hall is volunteer run, so tell us your skills and your interests, anything from cooking, carpentry, accounting, grant writing, event coordination, bartending...   and we'll match you up with one (or more) of the many jobs that it takes to keep our hall a vibrant centre of our community.

Come to a meeting and check out the board.  We meet at 7pm on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Hall in the Nordin Room.

Join us on the 4th Wednesday of the month for our regular meetings 
7:00 pm in the Nordin Room at the hall.
        Get involved with the heart of your community. 
        Call  --  778-424-9900 to confirm meeting times and agenda. 
        info@communityhall.ca   778-424-9900
    HANDYMAN  -  Carpentry, general maintenance & improvements
    SECOND SUNDAY MARKET  -    Once a month, every month, 
    • on the Second Sunday of the month
    • Sign installation.   Putting up posters.
    • Table set up on the Saturday before the market day
    • Table take down after the market on Sunday
    • Man the hall table booth   Some sales,  Info collecting
    • On days that the hall actually cooks breakfast (4 times a year)
    • Kitchen help, food prep, cooking, service, bussing, dish washing
    • Kitchen clean up, hall clean up
    • Ticket sellers
    SPECIAL EVENTS   -   Occasionally  -   dances, theatre nights
    • Sign installation.   Putting up posters.
    • Ticket sales and distribution
    • Set up and tear down tables
    • Bar tenders, Ticket booth
    • Kitchen prep and cooking
    • Food sales
    • Clean up
    • Regular mowing, weed whacking etc.
    • Landscape planting and care


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  • Newsletter
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  • Posters
    SOUPY CAFE  -  The First Wednesday of the month from noon to 1:30. 
  • Volunteers usually arrive around 10:30 - 11am
  • Set up and take down tables and chairs
  • Set tables with condiments and centre pieces
  • Kitchen help - prep work - service dish washing and clean up
  • Busing and clearing tables
    • Write contracts for groups / people that want to rent the hall
    • Arrange for entry / key / code
    • Collect rental fees
    • Arrange for deposit returns
    • Maintain books for contracts etc.

    • Research entertainment
    • Research potential grants and funding for the arts
    • Set and negotiate fees and expenses
    • Bring proposals to the Hall Board for acceptance
    • Write contracts
    • Produce and distribute all necessary promotional items 
    • Promote on social media
    • Create a comprehensive program for ongoing entertainment
    • Coordinate all required volunteers
    • Ensure final cleanup and follow through
    Let us know if you have a particular skill that might be of use.  
    We welcome your suggestions and input. 
        Call  --  778-424-9900 to confirm meeting times and agenda.

Membership with the hall

Memberships are effective January 1 to December 31
Dues are $5.00 each per year.
For more information on memberships, please call  
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The membership application form is available at the bottom of this page.