Looking for a place to meet up with your neighbours,
enjoy a good soup and coffee, play some games, or learn a craft? 
The SOUPY CAFE is open and ready for the neighbourhood to socialize on 
The First Wednesday of the Month from noon to 1:00pm
 Enjoy some fine, fresh ingredients, full menu 
soup, salad, main course with all the trimmings, dessert and ice cream!  
All cooked up and served by volunteers.  

The meal is open to the whole community and is run by donation - pay what you can, if you can.  
On the same day,  the Clothing Corner will be at the hall with FREE clothing.
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The chess club is happy to support the Soupy Cafe in the Community Hall.  We are an active group in the community founded in 2008 and subsidized in 2009 by the Regional District of Nanaimo allowing us to purchase equipment.  Since 2011, we have been able to assist Bowser Builders Supply to conduct an August open chess tournament that attracts chess players and families to our area and brings a bit of income to local businesses.  We meet Saturdays at noon at Henry's Kitchen to play and encourage everyone to join us.  The chess club, Bishops of Bowser, encourage the whole community to support the Soupy Cafe and help those who may need a bit of support in our community and will have representatives at the Soupy Cafe who will help you to learn the great game of chess.


The Soupy Cafe is run by volunteers.
Do you have time on the first Wednesday of the month to help out?
We need help with everything from setting up tables, doing dishes and chopping up vegetables, to running games tables.

Lunches are by donation.  
Contribute what you can, if you can, 
to the donation box at the soup counter.

Donations to the soupy cafe fund will go towards expenses associated with running the cafe, including the food related costs, activity related costs, the basic hall costs of heating, light and running the kitchen equipment.  

Care to contribute?  The Lighthouse Community Centre Society is a non profit, charitable organization. 
Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $20.

Sample menus...

Many thanks to our generous supporters 
who have donated to the Soupy Cafe

Georgia Park Store
John Fowler
Bill & Arlene Veenhof
Val at Things'n Stuff in Bowser
The Bishops of Bowser Chess Club
The Salish Sea Market
Lighthouse Feed and Garden
Dagmar Seydel ~ Lily Lavendar



Sheena Mcc,
Jan 21, 2017, 11:31 AM