The Hall Board Society is committed to making our hall the best it possibly can be.
We have been doing a number of upgrades and have some wonderful plans for the future.
These plans will be coming together with the ongoing work of the volunteers, the hall's fundraisers, 
and the generous donations from individuals, community groups and the RDN

The front entrance of the hall in 2012

proposed portico, stone wall, inverted tree columns. wood accents (photoshop overlay)

Photoshop mock up.


Our hall is a wonderfully solid structure that was in sad need of some upgrading.  
It looked a bit like a skating rink in Northern Alberta.  
It was cleaned up and painted blue in 2016 and then work commenced on 
the 'personality' of the building with these thoughts in mind. 
    • It is a community hall, situated on the east coast of Vancouver Island between the water and the forest.  We would like the initial impression of the front of the building to reflect this. 
    • We needed a place that would make a great photo backdrop for bridal, fall fair, dance festivals etc.
    • Something that would be unique to the hall
    • Quickly identifiable when scrolling through photos on the web.
    • Funky enough to break the mold of all the recent subdivisions on the island 
    • Reined in enough to stand a test of time as a classic.
    • Organic shapes combined with large timbered trusses etc.
A very generous grant from the RDN helped to make this transition possible.

So what has the hall been up to in 2016? 

We are lucky enough to have a dedicated grant writer ( Pat McLean) a tireless VP/ Maintenance head (John Fowler) and a group of volunteers that are ready willing and able to help where possible.
The hall can use grant money for upgrades and renovations but we are not allowed to use the grants for running expenses, so we have to rely on rentals and donations to cover those costs. (heat / light/ gas / phone/ wireless, etc.) 
The year is not over yet but we have a list to remind us how much has been accomplished so far (thank you Shauna for putting this list together.)

Outside Lot Repair and Resurfacing
-Redesign of Traffic flow
-Grade, repair and compact parking surface 
-Application of new gravel
-Positioning of timber Barriers, securing with Pins.

Upgrade security:
-Installation of New lighting and Siren at front Entrance
-Interior and exterior remote viewing security cameras installed
-Locks replaced – new keys issued

New doors:
-New Front Entrance Doors
-Nordin Room, 4
-L'Heureux Room 2 exterior
-L'Heureux hallway out side 2
-Nordin entrance to Hall 2
-Kitchen 3
-Storage area door – Stage Left 1

Main hall heat upgrade
-4 new Inverter Heat Pumps

-Replace cracked urinal
-Repair toilets
-Modify hot water temp control

New Tables
-6 foot Tables - Add to inventory with folding tables
-8 foot tables - replace old green wooden
-Round Tables - replace old wooden 
New dollies for all tables

New black Chairs 
-Completed replacement of old orange chairs
-All chairs with easy to use dollies

-New fridge with double glass doors
-Removal of old hot water tank
-Food service equipment:
--Bussing pans 10

-Exterior to sides Entrances installed
-Overhead lights replaced in OAP, Office, Nordine room, Front Hall

-New highway sign with changeable copy
-New sign at Lions Way turnoff

New hallway
-Connection between stage and nordin room as green room
-Designated storage area for Emergency Social Services

Storage shelves
-Mezzanine storage area community club shelves
-Stage entrance shelving
-Emergency Social Services shelving

-New front doors with fire retardant varnish
-New interior doors
-Stage surround fascia board
-Lower stage storage
-Upper walls in main hall (2nd coat) 
-Dark wood trim painted new colour

Outside Seating Picnic Area Upgrade 
-3 tables with attached chairs

Septic Field 
-Cut down by Goats

Exterior face lift / New timber entrance 
-In progress… stay tuned!


The Stage proscenium arch proposal