Homeless Count Apr 18

Do you have housing
 with an uncertain future?  
Do you know someone who relies on friends with a couch or backyard camping?  

Lighthouse Country has a large but hidden homeless population due to a number of factors including low availability of reasonably priced rental units combined with tourism impacts of temporary employment etc.  
The community needs to understand the extent of this problem to be able to gain resources that will be effective in helping those people in need.  

Come to the Lighthouse Community Hall on April 18 at 11am

Enjoy a free light lunch (soup, sandwich, and desserts) and help us to get a handle on the numbers of homeless in our area.  Names and addresses are NOT being sought in this count.  The purpose of the count is to get the number of people with compromised housing arrangements, not to identify anyone involved.

Although counts do not give us a full picture of the extent of homelessness, they do provide critical information on the number and characteristics of the homeless population to aid in planning and resource allocation.

for more info please call Shauna  250-802-0892