The hall's facilities can accommodate events from weddings and dances, to town meetings, boardroom meetings, exercise classes, banquets, talent shows, trade shows, expositions and of course, our FALL FAIR

Yes,  we have WiFi !

Rent the the complete facility or rent the various rooms separately.  Check out our well appointed kitchen, great 5,000 sq ft dance floor and spacious parking.  Make use of our wireless internet and comfortable board room chairs.  Wheelchair accessible.

The  MAIN HALL -  5,000 sq ft floor - 500 max capacity 

"Our guests loved Qualicum Bay and the many wonderful people we met there.

The hall perfectly accommodated our 150 guests and we are grateful to Dave for his bartending skills, and Sheena & Lois (rest in peace), for all their help with the logistics and excellent customer service. We had many friends help decorate and the set up and take down was a breeze, the hall looked incredible with the many lights and lanterns.

The sound system at the hall was amazing. The kitchen was perfect and allowed us to set up BBQs outside for our beef, chicken, prawn and veggie skewers and cedar plank Coho salmon.  It was the best day of our  lives and we were so glad to share it with so many close friends, family and the community."  ~ Amanda & Eric

The Dance Floor

A quick description of engineered flooring compared to laminate and solid hardwood...

Engineered hardwood flooring (our main hall flooring ) is a product made up of a core of hardwood, plywood or HDF and a top layer of hardwood veneer that is glued on the top surface of the core and is available in almost any hardwood species. The product has the natural characteristics of the selected wood species as opposed to a photographic layer. The “engineered” product has been designed to provide greater stability, particularly where moisture or heat pose problems for solid hardwood floors.  In addition, our flooring has strips of special density-selected 3/8" foam strips on the underside of each flooring plank that "float" the floor for activities such as dancing and that act as a"pump", to move the heated air under the flooring out to the specially vented baseboards. 

The instability of solid hardwood is usually moisture or heat related. Under adverse conditions, solid hardwood floors can warp, cup, swell or split apart. Engineered hardwood flooring overcomes these problems by constructing a multiple-ply plank which counteracts twisting and remains flat and intact. This makes engineered hardwood flooring a better choice for installation over radiant heat sources, over concrete whether it’s below grade or above, and in rainy climates.

Laminate (our hobby room flooring) core of product is typically made of High Density Fiber (HDF). The top layer is a photographic layer that should appear identical to the product it replicates, be it wood, vinyl, tile, etc. The product is generally 3/8” thick and is a floating install with tongue and groove glue less locking system which allows you to install and uninstall the floor several times if desired. This product is typically the least expensive.   This is the flooring that we have in our 'hobby' room.

The Acoustics

Take a moment to read what a sound expert says about our hall...

.... the sound of the room, it was superb. Usually in the halls around this area and farther are horribly "reverberant" even with a good crowd in them.

Community halls weren't designed with proper room dimensions and acoustic properties essential for good intelligible and well balanced audio necessary for theater and music productions, in fact even just single public address can be hard to understand in a room with little or no acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling. fact even just single public address can be hard to understand in a room with little or no acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling. well balanced audio necessary for theater and music productions, in fact even just single public address can be hard to understand in a room with little or no acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling.

The Lighthouse Community Hall is perhaps the only hall in this area possibly even on the Island that I know of where all three essential ingredients for good quality acoustics  have played their role.

Firstly the room dimensions are such that the width and the length aren't so drastically far apart by the usual narrow and long, causing a longer delay from the stage proscenium to the back of the room. On the contrary, the width and length are closer to the same
dimension resulting in a sorter delay all around and having a much wider proscenium for a larger and more pleasing stage.

Secondly the ceiling and part of the wall is acoustically treated with cellulose fire retardant which has a very good hi frequency absorption coefficient. Couple that with the high ceiling and a suspended hardwood floor and you have a very good combination of acoustic properties that make for a good sounding room.

I have designed and installed audio equipment for small rooms and churches, halls, night clubs small and large, and very large venues. I have had many opportunities to produce and mix the sound and the lights for both inside and outside productions from a single artist to a multi stage multi band event. Phewwww, what a rant!

Well....having said all that, it was a pleasure not to have the venue barking at me while mixing the band at the hall the other night. Not having a full house usually means that the sound is basically going to suck but because of all those things I mentioned earlier, the overall sound was reportedly good.

In closing Sheena, with a capacity of around 400 people and a good sized legal licence, and not good but great sound for musical events, I'm blown away that you don't have more functions, fundraisers and gigs. It wouldn't take long to get on the Island tour path of booking musicians and you could have yourself a gig a month or every six weeks or so with the right agency.

Anyway as I digress I hope you find this not so little note of some value and with one last note about community. Excluding myself for a moment, I feel strongly about local and community people doing what they are qualified to do and doing it if the need should arise. The need to go farther afield for an audio technician for any event of any size is just not necessary nor is it community spirited. Shop locally first if you can.

It was nice chatting with you Sheena and I look forward to the next one being a little more relaxed with maybe less gear to deal with. :~)


Len Hill


What a band member has to say

"On May 28th 2011 THAT 70's BAND was hired for a 70s theme dance at the Lighthouse Community Hall in Qualicum Bay. In the 11 years and hundreds of gigs we were quite surprised to have not performed in this venue before, but what a pleasure it was for us. Dealing with the organizers and staff was completely trouble free, and the venue was perfect for the full concert show that we our known for, with its large stage, great acoustics and comfortable dressing room. Of course the extremely enthusiastic crowd (in crazy 70s costume) is really what brought it all together for a great evening of fun and we hope to be asked back for another show soon ! "   Keep on rockin, Bobby "California" Driscoll      THAT 70s BAND