Before and After School Care
Special Programs for 3 & 4 year olds
With Miss Kelly


This is a great progamme for helping children adjust to time away from home.  
    • Small class size to permit more one to one support.
    • Fun and interesting circles and centres.
    • Art and crafts   
    • Outdoor play.  

All of the above AND..

Many describe this programme as a
 "Junior Kindergarten".

Our goal to help prepare children in a play based, slightly structured programme for their future term of Kindergarten

Kelly has been an active member of the Lighthouse Country community
since moving here in 1996.
She has been working as a licensed childcare worker since 1992 through 
BC Community Care Facility Licensing

Kelly believes children are wonderful people who deserve a day care where they are respected and can have fun!

3pm to 6pm
  • Games.   Sports
  • Computers
  • Homework time
  • Gym Outdoor play
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Baking, Cooking, Sewing
  • Friendship Building
  • Tea Parties
  • Snacks

We are very proud of our programs at 
Lighthouse Country Kids Place.
We are confident that families will experience dependability, convenience a
nd a great pace for children to play, learn and build lasting friendships.

We encourage children's individuality 
as well as inclusion with group play that is
 fun, safe and supportive.