Rental Contract



1.     The Renter is responsible for all damage or injuries to any person(s) or property resulting from the use of the Hall facilities.

2.     The Renter is responsible for the facility and is expected to prevent event abuse and to enforce facility rules and regulations.  A Hall Representative has the right to enter the event and may close down an event that poses a threat to the safety of the participants or the facility. If necessary, the Hall Representative will stop the serving of alcoholic beverages and/or clear the facility and end the event.  The Hall Representative may record actions (audio or visual) to report to the Lighthouse Community Centre Society Directors.

3.     The Renter is responsible to ensure that the time requested includes all the time needed to set up tables and chairs, put up and take down decorations, arrival and set up for catering service, entertainment and clean up.

4.     The Renter is responsible for designating a person to meet with the Hall Representative for a walk through inspection prior to the commencement of rental and at the conclusion of rental.



1.        All cancellations should be submitted in writing to the Lighthouse Community Centre Society.

2.     If cancellation is received or post marked within 5 business days after application date, the first payment will be refunded in full.

3.     If cancellation is received or post marked after 5 business days from application date, the first payment will not be refunded.

4.     If cancellation is received or post marked after the second payment, the refund is limited to optional items and services rental fees and cleaning/damage deposit.



The Cleaning/Damage Deposit will be refunded within 2-4 weeks following your facility use.  If scheduled hours of use exceed the designated time for any reason, additional fees may be deducted from the cleaning/damage deposit.  Any cost for extra cleaning of the facilities and furnishings, both inside and outside, or damages to floors, walls, furnishings and landscaping, will result in a deduction or forfeit of your deposit.  The Renter will be billed for damages not covered by the deposit.  The Cleaning/Damage Deposit may be held, to be applied to outstanding rent.



If alcoholic beverages are to be sold at the event, a Special Occasion License (SOL) permitting the renter to serve, sell and consume alcohol at your special event, celebration or community festival. Licenses are regulated by the Liquor Control & Licensing Branch, Ministry of Housing & Social Development, & issued by the Liquor Distribution Branch.

Licenses - 1 copy is to be submitted to the Hall Manager prior to the event & 1 copy is to be displayed at the event

Licensing Administrator Special Occasion Licenses:

Liquor Control & Licensing Branch

2nd Floor, 1019 Wharf Street

Victoria, BC  V8W 2Y9

Phone:              1-866-209-2111


Licenses are issued 30 days in advance.  The license must be presented upon check in on the day of the event.



For all events serving food to the public, the Renter must obtain a Temporary Food Service Permit and have it posted in a conspicuous place on the day of the event.

Application for this Permit should be made at least 14 days in advance:

            VIHA – Island Health

            489 Alberni Hwy.

            Parksville, BC  V9P 1J9

            Phone:              250-951-9550




The Renter hereby agrees to save, secure, and hold harmless the Lighthouse Community Centre Society, its officers and employees against claims of action, liability, judgments, costs and expenses, including attorney fees.

The undersigned certifies that he/she accepts responsibility on behalf of the participants for any damage or theft sustained by the Lighthouse Community Centre Society because of the occupancy of said premises.

The Renter is to supply minimum $3 million liability insurance.




1.     All decorations must be flame retardant.  Use of glue, nails, tacks or staples is strictly prohibited.

2.     Use only masking tape or painters tape to hang decorations.

3.     No tape of any kind may be used on the floors.

4.     Use of any type of glitter, confetti, rice or birdseed is strictly prohibited on the premises.

5.     Open flames & candles are strictly prohibited.



1.     Tables and chairs are not to be removed from the building.

2.     Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Hall, or within 10 metres of a hall entrance.

3.     Facility rental cannot be transferred, assigned or sublet.

4.     Animals, except service dogs, are not permitted in the building.

5.     Young children attending events must be under the direct supervision/control of an adult 18 years

of age or older at all times and in all areas.

6.    Pictures.  Renters are encouraged to take pictures of their events.  A Hall Representative may take pictures, but will not use them publicly or for Hall promotion without express permission of the Renter.