For centuries Nepal has been known throughout the world as the land of Mt. Everest, the Birthplace of Gautam Buddha a land of peace etc. Nepal is very rich in its natural resources and its natural beauty.  In this beautiful country so many child born per day. Unfortunately another aspect of Nepal being an economically poor country is that many children live as orphans, streets, and helpless under difficult and oppressing conditions. Many children for example are forced to live on the streets, work as labors under difficult conditions. There are many reasons for this. Some children are born poor, some are abandoned by their birth parents, some are victims ofNepal internal strife etc.
The Logo of of the orphanage

Introduction of Organization

Today’s children are the backbone or twinkling star for developing the country. But it is very sad to see their pain, misfortune, daily work or to hear their suffering and feel their pain. Many children have their own heart breaking stories and it hurt in the heart of even cruel hearted people. So after realizing and feeling the pain and suffering of such children it is not new to care, deliverance help, to protect, to support. It is natural for caring compassionate person to feel uncomfortable when seeing the difficult situation under which these unfortunate children must exist. It was for providing such children with a warm nutritious food, clothing, quality education, a future hope and a hope that Light for Nepal’s Children was initially established and continuous to operate to date of our home based in the capital city of Kathmandu. This organization is established under the District Administration Office in 2004 A.D. with the registration number 961/060/061  and affiliated with Social Welfare Council in 2004 A.D with the affiliation number 16065.  And it is operating as an independent, non-profitable, non-political society based non-governmental organization.

The children enjoying with the people in Kathmandu                                                                                                           Fun Park
The group of the children at LFNC