Chapter 12: Installing Energy Efficient Lights

Energy Efficient Lighting

An excellent resource that provides a summary of different lighting options and purchasing considerations.

Energy Star also provides a helpful overview resource as well as lighting options that are Energy Star rated.

Information on Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) and Mercury

Here is a helpful resource that explains mercury in CFLs and what to do with a broken bulb and how to recycle CFLs.  In Frankfort, CFL bulbs can be recycled at Lowe’s Home Center.

Daylighting & Solar Tubes

Daylighting is the use of the sun’s light to naturally illuminate a room.  It provides many benefits, including decreased energy usage.

Home Power magazine resource for daylighting considerations in new construction or renovation.

An overview of daylighting concepts can be found at this link.

Solar tubes provide another means of daylighting in your home.  A helpful article on solar tubes from Mother Earth news can be found here.

Solar installation businesses in Kentucky (click here for a list of installers) can assist with purchasing and installing solar tubes.