Lightbox Frame Sets

Cautionary Note

The “Lightbox” frames have notable compression artifacts.

The “Lost Bullet” frames have better detail-quality but are limited in number.

The “MPI” frames, despite my efforts, have a problem with the color and contrast that I can't correct. Frame number errors that were in the latter frames in the “MPI” set were corrected.

— Jerry Organ, May 2014 

1280 x 720 frames from the short documentary “Kennedy’s Assassination: How LIFE Brought the Zapruder Film”, published on the Time-Life site 2013 ( Link ).

Cropping, artifacts and missing frames from source. Some after-capture color/tone tweaks applied equally to all frames. Uploaded here as JPGs (High-Quality 90%).

Links to “Time-Life Lightbox” Frame Sets

Frame Set Z001-Z132

Frame Set Z133-Z199

Frame Set Z200-Z249

Frame Set Z250-Z299

Frame Set Z300-Z349

Frame Set Z350-Z399

Frame Set Z400-Z486

Close-Up Z212 to Z268