"We'll move anything, except Christmas!"




What our valued customers have to say about us!


Based on your advice, I was able to negotiate our truck rental and [they] cut the price from $650.00 to $300.00.



To this day we rave about your service!!

Wendy F.


You guys were great!  I’m adding your service to my Facebook!

Paul B.


"You are such a professional person/company.  Your customer service surpasses all the moving companies I have used in the past.  Keep up the good work your company will go very far.  Your trustworthiness is just beyond compare.  I will refer you to anyone I know is moving and I have referred you to my realtor to help any of her clients.  She has promised to call you.  Thanks again for going the extra mile. Best wishes.

Isline S.


"I will highly recommend you to anyone I know that is moving.  I am very pleased with your service and I don't think the move would've been smoother had it been anyone else."

Teka O.


"Thanks for your help.  I am glad I chose you as my moving partners.  Working under changing circumstances - the service elevator not working during the key hours.  Being able to work the extra time required to move.  Very friendly, and quick.  Taking ownership in packing the trailer to maximum capacity.  Picking me up after I dropped the truck off.  As I look back it was a very good move.  Both of you where friendly, easy to work with, and moved with the scenario.    I thank you sincerely and wish you the best in further building your business.  I have also referred you to 3 others that are moving over the next couple of months. They should contact you soon. Thanks again for your help."  

The K. family


It was a real pleasure working with you and my brother Lionel also said that he appreciated your help; you were proactive all during the day and worked diligently until we had finished all the packing."

"We appreciated your hard work, sense of responsibility and ability to fit in what you did. We put the rest in our truck and were unloaded by 2pm the next day. Now we are recuperating at the cottage for the weekend."
Theresa & Butch 

"I do appreciate you guys making yourselves available on such short notice, and to sum up you guys did a stellar job! Always nice with working professionals and perfectionists."


"You're a superstar...thanks so much!  Happy New Year to you and thanks again for everything!


From this cities leading politicians, Hollywood insiders, lawyers, doctors to everyone else in between, we've earned the trust and have the expertise to move all families from every walk of life.  Trust LIFT Movers with your "Do-It-Yourself" move.