Lifting Technologies - Missoula, Montana


Crane-Suspended Manbaskets / Crane Suspended Manbasket

LTI's Crane-Suspended Manbaskets are known throughout the industry for their excellent protection, heavyweight stability and long service life.

Aerial Rescue Basket / Aerial Rescue Platforms / Aerial Platform

LTI's Rescue Baskets have been used at construction sites around the country including the famous "Big Dig" in Boston. Both our Standard and Economy Model Rescue Baskets are 4’ X 8’ and can safely accommodate 2 technicians and a gurney with a special drop down ramp for roll-on access.

Forklift-Mounted Manbaskets

TI's forklift work platforms provide the ultimate in functional safety and confidence for personnel aloft. Built to support their own weight plus five times their maximum load, our Forklift-Mounted Manbaskets have a reputation for both strength and durability. 

Material Only Baskets

LTI welcomes inquiries for platforms for material transportation. All shapes and sizes are available, along with your choice of attachment design for hoist, crane or forklift truck.

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