Foot Drop on my right foot means that I cannot drive a manual car.  Once I had recovered from my surgery I took a driving assessment in an adpated car.  I had two options; a steering wheel with had controls or what is called a flip pedal.  
I opted for the flip pedal.  The flip pedal is effectively two accelerator pedals that are connected by a cable.  It is fitted to an automatic car and allows a right foot diabled driver to flip the pedal down to the left of the foot brake and use it with the left foot.  A driver of the same car without a right foot disability would flip the pedal down to the right and use the right foot on the accelerator pedal.  Specialised Vehicle Options can fit this device to your car.   
Above Flip Pedal with Left Accelerator Pedal Down
Below Flip Pedal with Right Accelerator Pedal Down