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 Clare E. Steffen: Ed.D., N.D., Licensed Psychologist      

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, CADC II

·        Over 30 years of experience as a mental health practitioner

·        Licensed Psychologist for well over 15 years

·        Parent Educator, Parenting and Co-Parenting Group Facilitator

·        Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor for well over 15 years (CADC II)

·        Certified Teacher for over 24 years

·        Previous Elementary School Teacher, Kindergarten thru Junior High School Credentials

·        Natural Health Educator and Practitioner

·        Certified Herbalist and Natural Health Counselor

·        Specialty training in the diagnosis and treatment of addictions

·        Cross trained in psychology and education

·        Specialty training in the diagnosis and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder

·        Specialty training in the assessment and treatment of traumatic brain injury

·        Specialty training in the assessment and treatment of neurological-psychological conditions

includes special education concerns

·        Specialty training in working with military families including those with:

-       physical and emotional trauma

-       addictions

-       a history of domestic violence

·        Extensive experience in working with diverse and multicultural clients

·        Published author of two books and editor of three books

·        Published author and producer of 3 CD's for relaxation

·        Radio Talk Show Host for "The Doctor Wellness Program"

·        Professional Speaker, Presenter, and Trainer

·        Over ten years of service as a court appointed Child Custody Evaluator:

-       The Superior Court of California, Placer County, Northern California greater region

-       The Circuit Court of Cook County, for the Chicago, Illinois greater region

Clare's Child Custody Evaluations Web Site

Our children depend on us to provide them with the foundation of a healthy family.  Relationships and marriages end but parenting does not.  When parents disagree on what is in their child's best interest; an evaluator may bring clarity. Clare E. Steffen, Ed.D. provides recommendations to courts throughout Northern and Central Coastal California. She is qualified under the California rules of the court to be a child custody evaluator.  Complex families in high conflict depend on the wisdom and fairness of the presiding judge.  The evaluator assists in providing the judge with the necessary and needed information that is focused on your child's best interest.

Clare E. Steffen, Ed.D. provides a variety of professional services for families.

  • Child Custody Evaluations
  • Mental Health Assessments & Evaluations
  • Addiction Assessments & Evaluations
  • Parenting Education
  • Co-Parenting Education
  • Seminars & Trainings
  • Psychological Counseling Services
  • Consulting
Clare E. Steffen, Ed.D. is a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC).

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Dr Clare Steffen's Ed Psych Eval's Site

15 Specific Disabilities Protects Children by Law
The IDEA Law requires public schools to provide free, appropriate, public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment.  The law applies to public schools, and covers individuals between the ages of 3-21, who are educationally disabled and require special education services.  The school district has the responsibility to find children with disability between birth and age 21.  Once found, the district has the additional responsibility to evaluate the child at no cost or expense to the parent.  The IDEA identifies 15 specific disabilities.  Necessary special education and related services are defined by the student's multidisciplinary team and written in a document called the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  School districts typically combine local, state, and general funds to cover the full cost of implementing IDEA regulation. 
Students with disabilities are to be included in statewide assessments and be able to participate in the general curriculum to the maximum extent possible.  Also, these students will be held to the standards of accountability. 
Sometimes our children present with complex issues or disabilities making it necessary to employ the services of an outside evaluator.  Dr. Clare Steffen is an experienced psychologist, educator and evaluator who can assist in the identification of disability, and in communicating your child's needs to the teacher and student success team. 
Getting your child the necessary help today;
may ensure their success for tomorrow!
Section 504 ensures that persons with disabilities have to the maximum extent possible, the opportunity to be fully integrated and included in the mainstream of American Life.  This section of the law, applies to any program (including colleges) or activity that is receiving federal financial assistance.  504 covers all qualified persons with disabilities regardless of whether special education services are required in public elementary, secondary or post-secondary settings.  In this case, the individual with the disability must self-identify and provide appropriate documentation.  The individual must pay the cost of the evaluation out of pocket.  Section 504 does not list specific disabilities, but establishes the criterion of any physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major activities of life.  Services, auxiliary aids, and academic adjustments may be provided in the regular education setting. 
Securing an appropriate diagnosis can help develop an appropriate plan and approach to learning.  Even mild impairment can result in the development of a disabling conditions if left unattended.  An educational-psychological evaluation will provide the necessary information to assist the school in providing your child with the best possible learning environment.  Why wait until your child is experiencing discomfort, call today to begin the evaluation process.
Dr. Steffen has over twenty-five years experience working in the fields of education and psychology.  She has worked in Educational, Psychological, Neuro-Behavioral and Rehabilitation Environments. With a Focus on individual strengths and personal development; she has helped numerous individuals and families enjoy successful outcomes.  Learning can become a choice when we are provided with the appropriate tools for learning.  Dr. Steffen is passionate about helping individuals maintain their natural love of learning.


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Services Offered 

Consultation Services - Identify Disability

Evaluation/Professional Report - Advocacy

Guidance and Education to Parents - Attendance to School Meetings

Coordinate Services with School - Consultation with Medical Staff

Collaboration of Social Service - Observations

Assist in Development of IEP and 504 Plan - Behavior Plan Development

Placement Consultation - Identify Accommodation/Modification

Personal Development - Life Skills Development - "Choice" Therapy Services


Dr. Clare E Steffen's

Professional Experiences and Qualifications

  • Doctorate in Counseling Educational Psychology
  • Licensed Psychologist
  • Multiple Teaching Credentials
  • Background in Neuro-Psychology
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC II)
  • Natural Health Professional
  • Published Author
  • Public Speaker

Dear Parent:    

Most couples experience stress when they learn that their child has a disability.    Most families feel unprepared to cope with the multitude of issues that they face when going through identifying disability, finding appropriate learning services, planning, and adjusting to life transitions.  At times, people who were once in a loving and caring relationship find them-selves at odds and may end up seeing the worst side of their friend and partner.  The entire family can feel overwhelmed.  Most parents want to protect their children from being stuck in the middle, but sometimes even with your best effort it can happen.  Seeking the assistance of a professional evaluator can be very helpful and is a positive step in the right direction.  The educational-psychological evaluator is there to assess and evaluate, diagnose when appropriate, offer recommendations, and communicate with school staff to ensure that your child's educational needs are met.

The legal system can be adversarial, and in most instances is not the preferred place for a child or family to land.  Frequently when this happens, a family will experience a loss of control and heightened anxiety.  It is not uncommon to feel confusion as to how you got there.  Having someone else make decisions about your child's educational needs can be a frightening process.  All the more reason it is critical to connect with an experienced educational psychologist and evaluator. 

I have over twenty-five years in the fields of therapy and education, and have been a licensed psychologist for the past fifteen years.  I am also certified as an alcohol and drug counselor, and have been providing these services to individuals, families and couples throughout my professional career.  Originally a teacher, I am an experienced educator and am able to work effectively with learning concerns and disabilities.  Having cross training in the fields of education, psychology, and addictions allows me the ability to provide a comprehension evaluation addressing the complex issues that can occur in children, adolescents or young adults.  Changes in life are constant; however, for an individual with learning disabilities, or processing deficits, transitions can be extremely uncomfortable or over-whelming.   I have been providing evaluations for over twenty years.   I also offer parent education classes.   An experienced psychologist and evaluator, I have assisted many families in negotiating education/psychological/behavioral plans that comfortably address their children’s needs. 

Having been in private practice for approximately twenty-five years, I have treated an array of educational and psychological concerns.  This broad experience assists me in understanding individuals with complex learning disabilities, family needs, and school environments.  I’ve been working with children and their families in education and therapy settings since I was seventeen years old.  I care about families and have dedicated myself to helping families build resiliency, regain health, and restore balance in effort to provide children with a healthy home and school environment in which to grow and develop.  

I look forward to meeting your child to begin working toward moving your family forward in education and in life.


Clare E. Steffen, Ed.D

Licensed Psychologist PSY 18594

Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC II)

FOCUS of the Life Span Development Center

Childhood, Adolescent, Adulthood and Older Adults 
Client focus is on: Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups

DEPARTMENTS: Psychological Services, Assessments/Evaluations, Educational Services, Wellness, Spiritual, Expressive & Cultural Arts and the Speaker’s Bureau

PURPOSE: The Life Span Development Center empowers individuals and families by offering psychological, educational and cultural experiences that emphasize personal and family wellness, security, and connection or integration. The center will benefit the community by closing the gap between available and unavailable services. The focus of these therapeutic, educational and cultural, experiences emphasize well-being and self-expression. A balanced life style and personal strength will be gained through practicing the multiple venues.


Psychological Therapy Services: for individuals, couples, families and groups. Classes, workshops and seminars address psychological concerns that one experiences throughout their life span. Court and non-court related parenting and co-parenting classes are provided.

Assessments and Evaluations: psychological, developmental, neurological-psychological, and psycho-educational assessments and evaluations and child-custody evaluations are offered.

Educational Services: are provided to augment the private and public school sector and court systems, to offer parent and teacher training, and to assist families and individuals with parenting, co-parenting, advocacy, and educational planning.

Wellness Services: classes, workshops and seminars on various wellness issues are provided. Individual services are offered following completion of a wellness assessment.

Expressive and Cultural Arts: music, arts, dance, and literature classes are offered to create individual, family and community balance.

Spiritually Based Work-shops and Seminars: provide self-empowerment and wellness through basic principles of global spiritual belief. Metaphysical and existential questions will be addressed in an inter-faith manner allowing all beliefs to unify in wellness. Self-empowerment is recognizing that asserting a healthy self allows us the balance to actively serve our families alongside the physical and spiritual communities in which we live.

The Speakers Bureau: provides a professional speaker’s network that incorporates speakers from local and surrounding communities. Therapists, Educators, Wellness Professionals and Speakers are provided on a contractual basis through the center. Speaking engagements are open to the general public. The Speakers Bureau also offers its services for local education and for local health and wellness agencies. The Life Span Development Center also provides Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) credits along with credit for other daytime workshops.