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Foot Warts

Plantar wart or verruca plantaris is the scientific name of foot warts. Verruca plantaris occurs on the soles of the feet.


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A verruca develops as a rough outgrowth that resembles the bud of a cauliflower. There are two types of verruca plantaris: solitary and mosaic wart.


Solitary verruca occurs as a single lump. Sometimes, several solitary lumps develop, forming a satellite of lumps. They can appear on the soles of the feet or on the heels.


            Mosaic verruca occurs as a cluster, comprised of numerous small bumps. Hundreds of bumps could develop in a single cluster. Mosaic verrucas are more challenging to treat.


Symptoms of Plantar Warts

            The tip of the bump usually has at least one black speck. The black specks are formed by dried blood, which resulted from the clotting of capillaries.


            The bump often appears as thick as blisters. The thickening of the bumps is often the result of repeated pressure that is applied to the bump as you walk.


            Thick lumps make verrucas look like calluses. Even doctors sometimes get confused. This confusion can easily be resolved by paying attention to a few distinct characteristics.


            A close observation of a verruca plantaris will reveal tiny black centers. In a mosaic lump, the black tips will be pronounced and visible. You will not need close examination, in order to see them.


            Calluses are clear. They tend to take the colour of the skin. The surface may be rough and have the thickened texture of a blister.


            If the lump bleeds, upon trimming the top layer; then you are probably dealing with a verruca. If you cut the uppermost layer of calluses, you will not get any bleeding.


            Verrucas typically occur on the soles of the feet. Calluses can occur on the soles of the feet and between the toes.


            Verrucas are caused by highly contagious viruses. They are likely to spread onto other spots on the foot. Calluses are less likely to form satellites.


            Verruca plantaris is more prevalent in infants and children. This is because infants and children spend more time barefooted. Calluses are more likely to occur in senior citizens.


            If you are dealing with a verruca, you will experience pain by squeezing the lump from the sides. On the other hand, calluses are painful, when direct pressure is applied.

Wart Treatment

            Imiquimod is an over-the-counter cream that successfully treats verrucas. Imiquimod works by triggering the production of interferons by your immune system.


            Interferon is an enzyme that belongs to the class of proteins called cytokines. Interferons increase the communication between cells in the immune system, thus increasing its efficiency.


            Cantharidin is a chemical compound that has proven effective in the treatment of verrucas. The effectiveness of cantharidin can be increased by using it, in combination with podophyllin.


            Cantharidins may produce chemical burns and scarring. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has banned cantharidins. It is still available for people living in Canada and Europe.


            Bleomycin is a chemical compound that gets injected directly into the verruca. Bleomycin causes blistering which eventually leads to the exfoliation of the infected area.

            Exfoliation brings about the growth of new, healthy skin. Again, the FDA has banned bleomycin in the USA because it can cause necrosis of the digits and Raynaud syndrome.


            Dinitrochlorobenzene is applied directly on the affected area. Clinical studies have demonstrated that dinitrochlorobenzene has a success rate, superior to 80%. Dinitrobenzene is only available on prescription basis.


            Cidofovir is an antiviral chemical that is injected directly into verruca lumps. It works by killing the human papilloma viruses.


            Wartrol is a highly recommended over-the-counter remedy.


            Wartrol contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a powerful antiviral agent. It is widely used in a host of skin care products. Furthermore, wartrol contains a broad range of organic ingredients with beneficial skin health effects.


            Wartrol will quickly repair and revitalize your skin. Order the clinically acclaimed wartrol formula now and remove your warts.