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L to R : GR Srinivasan, Shrikant Patil, PC Makan, Rajan Srinivasan, Paddy, Sharad Hegde

P.C. Makan is managing director of Halgona Radiators, a OEM supplier to the largest diesel engine manufacturers. Mr Makan has held board positions in GEC, India and senior executive positions in Esso. He is a founding partner of Clover Estates and plays Golf every Sunday afternoon at  KGA, Bangalore.

GR Srinivasan is Managing Director of Digital Prints and  Impressions. Before founding DPI he held various executive positions for the Chandaria Group in Europe. Before that he held various management positions at ITC. Mr Srinivasan is a B.Tech from IIT Madras and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. A full time resident at Clover Fields, he loves seafood, prefers restaurants in five star hotels and plays golf regularly at Clover Greens golf course.

Rajan Srinivasan is Executive Director of Indus Biotech, a life sciences company that develops drugs for chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis. After his B.Tech from IIT Madras and MBA from Ohio State University, he was a management consultant for 15 years based in Los Angeles. Rajan is also a founding partner of Clover Estates.

Sharad Hegde gets very upset if he does not  play golf 7 times a week. In an article " Infosys@25, 25 things you still did'nt know about Infosys ", published by Business Today, he was Infosys's first non-founder employee (employee no 1) and their tech-guru in its early years. He retired prematurely in 2003. Today he is an angel investor and software consultant when inclined. Sharad is a B.Tech from IIT Madras and  M.Tech from NITIE.

D. Padmanaban (aka Paddy) was VP at Infosys before taking a brief break from corporate life. He was an angel investor and software consultant when inclined. Currently he is CEO of Appnomic, a infrastructure management services company. Paddy is a Maths graduate from Madras University and plays golf regularly.

Shrikant Patil is a private equity investor based in Pune and plays Golf regularly. Until July 2005 he was with Intel, his first and last job after graduating from University of Colorado in 1991.  His investment portfolio covers companies engaged in education, food, real estate and media. You can know more about him at his blog