We've been on vacation, so mini making and internetting have been hit and miss.
Work continues on the Thornhill (slowly).
Since I've done so little "building" in recent years, I'm having to learn how to use the power tools all over again. It took me a half hour to figure out how to pull out the extension on the table saw. DH had to help me figure out how to get more length out of the jig on the chop saw .
I gave him my sliding compound miter saw. I had a jig for it, which made cutting lots of pieces to the same size very easy.
The jigs is still there, but the saw is in the woodshop. I'm too lazy (impatient) to go there when I want to cut a few pieces of wood, thus using the chop saw.
I did make a firebox floor, and a tile hearth from skulpey. I don't care for skulpey for tiles. It doesn't hold it's shape well enough. It's done, and will go on the "punch list" to re-make someday. I don't want to slow up production by spending days experimenting with skulpey.
I'm working on the shelving units that will make up the rest of the fireplace wall.
I went to Earth and Tree last week. Boston traffic has gotten so bad that the usual 5 and1/2 hour day turned into 8 hours. I was very worried about poor Snickers being home alone for so long. He was a real troopper. No accidents or destruction.
I admit to putting him out of my mind while in the shop. (poor Snickers)
I had a blast. I had the wood supply room all to myself. :-)
I got woodwork, and door handles, and tiny turnings, and other building supplies.
Micro Mark is having a 50% off sale on a spray booth. DH and I are contemplating getting it for me for Christmas. With that and my mask, I might be able to do all minis year round.
August was a wonderful swap month for me. It was my last swap for a while and the beautiful swap I received from Joanne made it extra special. The emerald is my birth stone.
I made this little pull toy especially for Joanne, and saved it until I was able to draw her as my swap partner.

Before I cut 14 shelves and all the trims, I thought I'd better do a test fit.
Yesterday I cut all the shelving for the wall units and fireplace, and started the priming.
I'm doing better with the saws. I only rolled the table over my foot once. LOL!!!! Maybe I need safety shoes.
I'm off all the mini groups for a while. I'm going to take the extra time and start moving all my photos to Picassa. I am so disappointed with Webshots. Unless you are a paying customer, viewing is SO inferior. I wish I had known this all the years I WAS a paying customer.
I'll gladly pay for Google products if I exceed my limits.
SEPTEMBER 20, 2009
It's been a while again. Life sure does have a way of cutting us off at the knees doesn't it? I'm grateful to always have my minis to lose myself in, when the going gets tough.
I didn't get to move all my photos yet. For now, they can still be found on Webshots.
Earlier this month, I took apart my pasta (fimo) machine and did that yearly cleaning. It always works so much better and cleaner after doing that. It's worth the agravation. I wish I had done it BEFORE working with the white sculpey.
Since I've posted, I have made a lot of progress in the great room. I finished building the shelving units and the fireplace. Painting the FP gave me more fits than I care to think about. It's on my "punch" list to re-paint, along with making a new hearth.
The sofa, TV, fridge, and glass dolphin were made by artisans (unknown). The box with a painted scene was made by Melynda. The coffee table is from Lee's line, the dinette table, side chair and light fixtures are manufactured. I will be replacing the light over the island (someday). The cabinets were from kits.
I have one more piece of baseboard to attach and can then call this room "ready" to move in.
Curtains, accessories and the rest of the furniture will come a little at a time.
I didn't get the spray booth. For now, I'm using a dual exhaust fan that connects to my window frame. I also have a huge air cleaner, so will make these do for now.
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